Love story part fourty nine

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pexels-photo-144474.jpegA sudden encounter with a 9th class X, in a marriage often after 18 years. He looked at me and laughed suddenly,

  • This is Rihanna, how are you?
  • Well ... but who are you ?? (Got it)
  • Do not know me ?? I was Priya, your classmate.
  • Oh well.
  • Forget about this 18 years ??
    3 years I remembered your words, remembering the days you spent with me, I cried too much. I never thought of leaving you like this. I have not been able to agree that I have got married for three years. I thought I was awake for the night, I could not sleep for some reason. You have failed SSC twice in your tenancy. Every day, failure failed to follow me ... One day, I was dragging a cigarette with a lot of depression, suddenly, in my front chair, I saw a boy sitting in front of me like this ... Maybe that was my soul. My soul asked me, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • How !! Why are you so ferocious? What are you thinking so?
  • Yes, since my husband Priya got married, I can not even concentrate on learning or anything else. All of a sudden he comes to mind only.
  • Haire crazy .. You are really a fool, do you remember him for a time? She was not married to someone else, did you? Then why do you remember him? Forgetting that beloved for a bar, life will change forever.
    By this, the soul suddenly became vanish. As I said, I completely removed you from my mind, I forgot you, I wiped all your memories and started my new life.
    And then began my success story. That year I got the Golden A + + in SSC. See today I am a great businessman ... only you have erred from my life, so today I came to this position. So there is no other reason to remember you.
  • Reynolds, you really are today, and how will you remember me? And Raihan believed I did not want to marry. My family forced me to marry.
  • Well, let's say those words, they say no, no profit.
    Without the end of our words, I called my X behind a girl called Mom. Wow!! How to explain the girl is so beautiful. My X stared at me, said ,,,,,,,,
  • This is Supriya, my daughter.
  • Your daughter ??
    Oh my daughter..what are some things?
  • Nothing.
  • Well, Rihanna. I'm coming now, my daughter is calling me.
  • That's okay. Go ...
    I am eating a little crush on my X's daughter ... she did not like her mother in school life first so much. In that marriage, I was busy improving my X's daughter Supriya. And he got the opportunity to get him alone, he started proposing, even though I had a good looking handset and a great businessman, he even expelled my propose.
    Our love is very good now. We are really very happy ... I will go to Supriya's mother in front of marriage proposal.

Nice blog and photography excellent

Interesting dialog

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