Love story part fourty

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pexels-photo-206544.jpegSaima: Rise up, how much do you fall asleep? Afs ...
Maruf: Oh, who is Ray? Did any salaam play at 12 o'clock in the morning? (I said very loudly)
Saima: I am your sala? And now morning? (From me too loud)
Maruf: I woke up sleeping, and I got up and leaped up, and said, 'This is my hawl wife in the ray (I said a little bit).
Saima: What did you say, I'm a hangman? (It's a fire, I'm gonna blossom in my hands)
Maruf: Didte Salar hear it? Do not do this or why you are going to be a hangman, you're my lucky petite. (I bite my tongue)
Saima: What ?? I'm groin? (Very angry)
This is a ray, this time the wife will leave me 12 and not 13 ...
Maruf: This is not you, why do not you go, you're my ... (before it's finished)
Saima: This is what I have with your friends, and mama with whom I beta, how many different things
Maruf: No, why would you have my own? You are my evil, sweet, ginger, ice cream, ach
O, Chocolate Wife
Saima: Wait, you're taking out chocolates ...
(Why is the broom in the hands of a wife? Why is a wife coming towards me? Do you know anything?
There will be some funeral, now we have to do something, the rage of the wife will soon be redundant
I approached my wife and pulled her hand to bed, after which I went and took my face in front of her face. I took it as much as I could feel as if one could feel the other's breath, then drowned her lips in her lips. Close the eyes, do you have a secret to do a secret job?
I did not calculate exactly how long I was in this way. Do you feel like holding a watch, do not shame me, see others work?
Well let's see.
Maruf: Now is the anger reduced to gold? (That is why racing in the washroom).
Her face became red in shame
It is very raining since morning. So today and the office does not want to go. Besides, the wife is alone in my house all day, so I did not think I would give her some time today, whatever the boutatou my e.
I want to dance to E-lungi dance in the waxroom, and the music is playing in my heart .. what joy is there in the air in the sky ..
Well listening to many songs, listening to music, it seems like all the dogs in the street will come home
Now, let me say, 'I am talking about this now, I do not know who you are, but how can I remember it in so many things, can not I remind you?' 'Only you can do secret work To see
Let's not matter. I am Maruf, the only child of my parents, I work in a big post in the company. And the only one who keeps me on the run is my only Mayawati, one month we got married. We were married in a family way. My parents and younger brothers live in the village. And in my job, I live in the city.
It has started again. I am away from you
Saima: Who are you? How long will it take?
I heard joy in the air, in the air, in the air, cold, the head of the wife has become cold. Why should I not go, why did I go on the way. Then did you give ice to my wife or brother?
Maruf: This is going to be the sonaboo (raising a little bit of Maya)
We opened the door and took 240 bottles of shock
Will run


This is nice story my dear steemit friends.I always like love story.I have read first to last in this love story.I appreciate in your blog.Thanks for sharing this love story.I am waiting for your next content.Thanks for sharing this@badol1994

Nice story nice photography i am impressed. Speechless because your blog is very wonderful

hi @badol1994, this is a realy love story, one person dependable on other person for love,spend hole live. i realy enjoy your story. thanks..

thanks for the comments

love is blind

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