One little Regret

in #love5 years ago


There are times we regret about what we have done. Something's stays little bit more than expected. Before I was doing that I thought it's just a small thing.But it was little bit more hurting.

I am living in a small house near our new house which is under construction. Now here it's rainy season. In the sit out of the new house my brother noticed A dog and it's 6 puppies. one was already dead.

It's hard to have puppies around house. They will take all the shoes and other chappals away. They can easly came inside the house, because we are living in a small house with less facilities right now. It's what happened last time. So finally we decided to take them away.

The mother dog leaves the sit out when it saw us. The only way to take them out of there was to when the mother dog was away. So when the mother dog was way we take all those puppies including a dead one in a plastic case. We moved them to a place near where there is no one living.

We returned. After some time, I saw the mother dog going all around the house. It was too weak to walk. It was searching for the puppies. It's face had a sad expression which we can easily notice. I saw her going everywhere she can to find the puppies. It's too hard to watch.

I am purely made. We only care about our problems.In front of that others sorrows are just nothing.My world is my family. I only care about them. I don't want anyone else in my world or near it.

I thought this regret will easily pass. But it's still there...

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