Pure Love: The Path of Unconditional Love

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Let’s be honest, when people speak about unconditional love, it is often done as some kind of ideal, no one can ever reach, or without knowing, what it really means at all.
I want to bring you some insights on this widely misunderstood topic.
This won’t be a fluffy article with rainbows and unicorns though, because unconditional love is something that will hurt a lot. It’s not for the faint-hearted and It will kill every tiny aspect of Ego left in you.
It is the path of the most courageous ones…

Meet my life story

In my own life’s journey, I thought for many years, that it was all about wisdom - to know and find out, who I really am. Through hundreds of workshops, endless teachers and thousands of books, I tried to reach the lofty goal of enlightenment. Even granted with deep enlightening experiences and falling away of the ego, this was only a preparation for the toughest part, that was yet to come: The Path of Unconditional Love.
Some years ago I got on the path of Love through my teacher Matt Kahn.
Back then, I still had all the images of what Love means - that everything is safely guarded in a huge pink cloud of „all is well“.
I was in a relationship with the love of my life and I loved her every day more and more - immensely!

Then on my 40ies birthday, she told me, that she will leave me. She wanted her old life back - going back to her beloved town and her friends, that meant the world to her. She couldn’t stand my Love and I was suddenly nothing to her.
From one day to the other and without blinking, she was gone.
The thing was, that I not only thought my world was ending, but I believed, that this was already the worst that could happen to me. I was wrong.
For many months afterwards and without having any physical contact with her, because she broke down all bridges like a boss, I felt her having sex with many different people. It was like being tortured 24/7 - energetically.
In my innocent empathic heart, I even thought, that this was just happening in my imagination and it was not true. It was true, as I found out later - every part of it - and from there on, it got even worse.
She basically was living the opposite life, than the one we had together. Sex, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll - like a teenager, that wanted to show the world its independence. A life without virtue. A life as a full-time commercial for the world of Ego.
I got betrayed, humiliated, ridiculed, abandoned, tortured and spit on by a professional grade narcissist.

The true meaning of the crucification

If the above story reminds you of someone you know, you may be right.
Our friend Jesus had similar experiences, when he brought the message of Love. It was not, that everyone was happy and said „Yo, Jesus, mate - thanks for bringing us this awesome message! We never thought about this Love stuff and from now on, we will make it a priority in our life’s! Thanks man, very appreciated!“
That would have been another story - a much shorter one, one without blood, war and cruelty.
Moving forward some 2000 years later, we are not very much further.
It simply shows the power of the Ego, that will only „love“ what it likes.
One of the messages I got by my spiritual guides on my situation was, that my ex-partner was manifesting my ego, to show me all of it’s cruelty.
She is my ego in form - and this is meant literally!
I have the immense privilege to witness the life of my Ego and how it looks like from a distance. My ego had separated from me. If I would write a book about this story, it would be called „Divorce your Ego!“

The thing with all this pain and suffering is, that this is not some kind of karma or a way of an unmerciful God, to punish you for your sins.
The message is not in the pain and suffering, since they are only side effects of your Egos death.
What hurts so much, is the death of all the images and believes that have become the hidden rules of how Love should look like.
It’s the end of the human way of Love and the beginning of Divine Unconditional Love!

What unconditional Love really looks like

Unconditional Love is nothing you (as the Ego) would or could strive for. It’s not a gradual process by any means. It’s all or nothing. You can’t love „more unconditionally every day“ - you either do or you don’t.
This may sound harsh and ruin your view of this fluffy goal of „once becoming unconditional loving“.
The reason for that is, that egos can’t love unconditionally. The very definition of Ego is conditioning and time.
If all conditions end, time ends and the Ego ends. This is the short description.

So in my above real life example, it means to be this Love, even though my ex-partner does everything unimaginable under the sun.
Again, the pain that comes with this, is not the goal, but the result of the process of Ego death. Every pain, is the Ego screaming and fighting for survival
So the next time, there is immense pain inside of you, you will know, that there is some heavy Ego clearing going on at the moment.

There is another thing, my guides told me:
„The lesson in all this, is to teach you to become unconditional Love!“
If you love someone and he/she loves you back, this is a wonderful thing.
I wish every Soul to make this experience, but you can’t learn unconditional Love this way. Unconditional Love means, that there is no demand whatsoever to get anything back (nor ever will).
It means to Love, even though you are spit into the face.
It means to Love, even though you are betrayed, humiliated, ridiculed, abandoned and tortured.
This Love has to be pure. It has to be so refined and pure, that there is not a single trace of neediness or entitlement.

Unconditional Love is Pure Love

The reason, I’m writing about such a de-light-full topic in such a heavy tone, is because all the fairy tales about Love have to end.
I recently saw a book on unconditional Love and the chapters were: „How to reach your goals with UL“, „How to make the Law of Attraction work with UL“ and „How to find your Soul Mate with UL“ etc.
This is ridiculously funny and the way, human egos try to put conditions even on unconditional Love. What makes this so tragic though is, that many people can’t even see, what they are doing right there. You can’t reach any goals with unconditional Love, because there are no goals in it! It simply doesn’t work this way…

What is also funny, while I’m writing this, I can see the need inside, that I want to end the article with something enduring, that will make unconditional Love attractive for your Ego.
So how do you make death an attraction? Is this even possible?
The one thing I want to tell you is, that if you are on the path of unconditional Love, you will know.
It’s not something you can decide on the Ego level anyway.
This decision has been made on a Soul level and is something your Ego will perceive as destiny. So this is not optional.

Maybe the good thing is, that you are on a totally different path. There are many nice spiritual paths out there and many other frequencies that want to be embodied. So not everyone needs to be on the path of Pure Love.
If you are, you will know by now (or at least after reading this article).

This Pure Love does not only effect special relationships with cruel ex-partners. It may show up this way, but once you are in the frequency of Pure Unconditional Love, your whole life is flooded with this energy.
It’s so strong, that there is not a single cell in your body that is unaffected by this. You have become free of any need and demand. It’s pure strength, because it is unaffected by the outside world.
Pure Love is the most blissful experience there is. It is unshakable, because there is nothing that can be threatened anymore. Fear has gone. Heaven has arrived. Everything that hurts, is just a sign of the Ego being burned in the flames of this Love - for the collective and the wellbeing of all.
The coal has been transformed into a pure diamond - the essence of Alchemy. Everything and everyone coming in contact with this energy is transformed, just by its pure presence.
Your whole life becomes the answer to the question, which virtue should be embodied next.
Nothing of this is personal. It is not even human.
It’s not being „me“ in relationship with anyone.
It’s Pure Love shining in all its glory.

Blessings and much Love,

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This is possibly my favorite of all of your posts. There are just so many gems inside. My favorite is your debunking of this idea of gradually becoming more unconditionally loving, or that it feels light and fluffy to love unconditionally.

You've helped me see a new aspect of what ego is. One aspect of ego is how it is our rejection of what is. It is our war with what is. It is our thinking we can do it better, our judgment, our condemnation. "That person is not as they should be. Let me fix that." Unconditional love gives that up, and becomes an eternal "yes."

Thank you so much, my dear! ❤️

Sorry for the length but your words stroke a huge chord within me! ;)

I very well know where you are coming from. I too had a very similar experience with my Twin Flame. I was never into the topic of Twin flames but I heard of it before. There was this girl working nearby at a food stand, and I never had her on my radar until one night I suddenly was energetically connecting to her. I clearly felt she was highly attracted to me. She was basically exactly like me, only that she was my "old" version with her ego in the lead. So I gave her a piece of paper with "I like you" on it with all responsibility of not exploiting her feelings. It would have actually been like exploiting myself.So within an instant I knew her inside outs. And this is where the drastic consciousness bifurcation became obvious. Everything that happened from then onwards was misunderstanding after misunderstanding, with me operating from the subconscious revelations of her while she was operating from her conscious. Basically, any good Intention from my side was received by her as the exact opposite. Plus her ego. So I came to recognize that she was an energy vampire whether unaware or aware of it. We came from different perspectives: I gave her that paper because I knew of her feelings, while she wasn't aware of my Knowingness at all, and instead thought I would be interested in her because of this superficial paper piece. Yet what she did was that she preferred living in the illusion of me being interested in her as a means of compensating her lack of Self-confidence, yet without giving back anything. She wanted to avoid direct contact thereupon because at the same time she didn't want to get exposed. But I knew it all over! Of course she never imagined that I could have received her energy so blatantly. So she felt comfortable. I waited two months, which despite my spiritual and emotional maturity back then finally became relatively though for me. Finally I told her that I knew it all over, and this was when she indoctrinated her chef who in return sent kind of a ruffian after me who told me that he knows where I live and that he would kill me if I show up again...and how fierce he was.I felt it!

You probably remember when I was telling you a month ago about redirecting energies. You can imagine what I did here. I had the energy of his statement with all potential timelines already processed in the dream state long before his statement, yet back then I was not entirely sure why I am always attacked by some guy in the middle of the night. So when he said that I knew why I had these repeating dreams. So his statement in the moment let me completely emotionally unfazed. Which naturally allowed for my most fearless response, which redirected the energy he wanted to impose over me,back to him. I 'won' the battle in the subconscious long ago already. So I of course contacted them once more to clarify, without fear of that ruffian 'killing' me.
What I felt in the wake of that via another dream was that this guy felt deeply hurt in his confidence, power and strength because his verbal thread against me didn't bear fruits at all. But my fearlessness paralyzed him so much that he grew fearful of me instead. From a neutral viewer's perspective my actions might have appeared like harakiri, but what they don't know is that my Astral experiences are a huge knowledge base ;)

I love it again and again!

I was just so absorbed by your vivid story, that I forgot my asparagus on the oven. It's way too soft now. I blame this on you 😂
I absolutely love all of your story - every detail is just perfect. I often forget, how people who are only functioning in 3D, see their world and are totally surprised by these energetic/astral happenings.
This confidence you showed, may find all kinds of interpretations from the 3D perspective. None of them comes close to the experience you had from your viewpoint.
Thank you for sharing this magical story with us!

Puuhh, then I should consider myself lucky that your kitchen didn't burn down entirely. I hope your asparagus will be edible in some way!

Great read of a comment, I feel like you have some special gifts available to you with dreams and connection to energy. Thanks for sharing

@atmosblack Just in one of the other relationship posts, I mentioned that the ego knew nothing about love. It only knows to serve itself, and as long as conditions are met, "You're my darling." When conditions are not met, "I must be crazy to be with you."

But you know the best part? Ego suffers, suffers like hell! And when you're finally done suffering like that, you start seeking the truth.

And one day, through grace, you see, you are not what you identified yourself with. But that is not when it all ends, but when it all begins.

You wake up, and you see, the mess that was created while you were spiritually asleep.

And the Ego doesn't just give up so easily, it does everything it can to get you to identify with it again, because, it is a matter of its life and death.

But the good part is, once you become aware of a disease, it can no longer go about its business. Which is why in a way awareness is the beginning of cure.

I can relate to your relationship experience. Apparently, it isn't a rare thing after all. It happens.

A lot of people resort to calling their ex's bi****s, that is all the ego knows. The way I see it, people don't leave you. They leave the part of themselves, that they cannot stand for whatever reason. They leave themselves.

Thank goodness, we're all pure love in the very essence of our being. Just a matter of waking up, and staying that way for long enough to see it.

Lovely post Atmos. Much love. Cheers!

Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, that find total resonance with me! Much Love! ❤️

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Wow. This was so deep. I don't know you yet but I'm glad I bumped into your blog.
Love. Love. Love.

Thank you so much and welcome to my world! ❤️🙏

  ·  last year (edited)

My pleasure hon. Keep them coming!

Thank you for sharing the deeply personal story, and for the lesson that comes with it. I find at times I keep asking for things, keeping my love conditioned, it's like a small battle of sorts to let go of my requirement on the world and the people in my life. I do pretty well now, but still get frustrated by other peoples actions who are very much a part of my life. Sometimes I feel I have negative influences around me as far as spiritual development goes. But I know that part of my work is learning to love them unconditionally to give them a better opportunity to do the same. Sometimes that needs to be done from a distance though.

Absolutely - especially since distance doesn't play a role in unconditional love. Wanting to keep people close is just another condition put on Love itself. It's relatively easy to love someone, who loves you back - beautiful, but on the other hand, it is nurturing all hidden conditions.
People are not used to the power of unconditional love, because most have never experienced it and therefore it can be too intense. Also in the falling away of tension, the need for a sexual release of that tension falls away and on a superficial level, this is experienced as lessened sexual attraction. Which is in essence only a sign of the unification of divine feminine and masculine qualities inside and one of becoming whole again. From that moment forward, also sex serves a different purpose.
You see, the more you get in touch with unconditional love, the more parts of your life are being transformed and the rules of the game change drastically. Thank you! 🙏

Which is in essence only a sign of the unification of divine feminine and masculine qualities inside and one of becoming whole again. From that moment forward, also sex serves a different purpose.

I've experienced this change on and off, it's something I'm interested in and working towards, perhaps you've heard about Mantak Chia?

You see, the more you get in touch with unconditional love, the more parts of your life are being transformed and the rules of the game change drastically.

I feel like every aspect of my life has changed and that change continues to deepen :)

Thanks for even more guidance in the comment

Yes, I know Mantak Chia and have read some books by him many years ago - but the fact, that I can't remember anything he said, shows me, that it was never meant to be part of my journey. 😀
Thank you and you are very welcome! 🙏

This is such a worthwhile post @atmosblack - thank you.
What if unconditional love, love without ANY conditions, is not an emotion or feeling, but the highest form of intelligence in the Multiverse?
An inconceivable intelligence, that is absolute, mysterious and almost unattainable.
Certainly unattainable through the head, but not through the heart.
I know you deeply respect and honour your ex for providing you with the opportunity to apply forgiveness and unconditional love - what a gift she was to you!
Of course we can rarely see it as a gift at the time, but hindsight is a beautiful thing!

Absolutely! There was a huge amount of hate to be healed - especially being an empath and feeling all after the separation too - a separation, that only happened on the level of form, but not in divine consciousness.
Blessings and thank you for your kind words! 🙏

Indeed, there is just One of us, so the separateness is the grand illusion that the sages of old have been saying and now validated by quantum physics.
We are birthing a new humanity here!

well it is heart touching story, let me say this brilliant post right now

Thank you! 🙏

dude if you dont mind I humbly request you to upvote my posts cuz my ranking is much low. My friend who told me about steemit, he says you are not fit for this social network. Plz just have a look on my posts

Well, the thing is, that Steemit is not a social network - you don't share daily musings here like on Facebook. Steemit is a platform for bloggers and content creators. There is lots of work flowing into the creation of good content. If you are not a content creator yourself (90% of people on social media aren't) you may wait for Apps like Appics, that will run on the Steem blockchain and be much more suitable for these kinds of things. Thank you! 🙏

You deserve each and every comment you get. Well done..

Unconditional love is really pure as can be seen in the life of Christ Jesus. Even after his crucifixion, we still tend to wander off. Your story is quite touching, thanks for sharing this wonderful post

Pure love, pure life! What a journey this human experience! Thank you for sharing your story with us all!

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Excellent article!! 💯

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Mushrooms are a good way to help dispose of the ego and be more loving


the love that conditions can not be called love, much beyond doing something with the intention of receiving, we find true love that is there in the depths of our being to sacrifice for anyone. Thank you

that is to say, the sacrifice is an act of pure love, that few know how to perform, when you work with the intention of helping and helping to do everything that you can, that is strong, it hurts, it costs, since we are coming out of the clutches of the ego, I feel the same, he recognized that this is the pain and suffering of those beasts that are inside us dying, shouting that they do not like this way of acting, acting with love, acting without expecting anything in return.

Really little humanity of ela, knows what the word love represents and the tendency to confuse with desires, attachments, etc. ... In the end it is time for that false magic to lose its touch and we continue to be miserable and empty.
True love, is facts, not empty words that will stick with time.
My teachers say,

Love is law, but conscious love

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