Find A Way To Do What You Love and Light Your Road Ahead

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I bought a white board and wrote "write two guest blogs in 2018" on it. And then something magic happened - two weeks later I receive a message from a lady on Linkedin named Toni Bubb, who is growing her personal coaching company, and she phone me and talked about me writing a guest blog for her Linekedin site. It is amazing when you dream it, believe it and achieve it. After writing this blog, she offered me to write another one. Here is my first guest blog:

Age 50 is the intersection after youth, that points to the road ahead for the next 30 years or so, if God spares us. Our second shift calls us to do meaningful work. I found myself accelerating on the road to becoming a writer.

As Rumi said:

Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.”
The desire to write had been put in my heart since a young age, but I had pushed it to the side. I knew I had to find a way to start writing. Here's what I did:

I Started Putting Myself First

While raising my three sons, I read self-help books and got healthy, got rid of the clutter and reclaimed my physical and emotional space.

I Started Spending Time with Supportive People

Some people don’t want you to change. You have the option to change the people around you, because you become like them. Spend time with positive people who support you and avoid negative soul killers who drain your energy. I found mentors online and in person to model, who were doing the work that I wanted to do.

I Started Being Grateful for the People and Things That Enhanced My Life

Find people who love, support, and inspire you, and believe you can shoot for your dreams no matter what age you are, because they are also pursuing their dreams. Learn by doing, and practice your way into it.

I Started Saying “I Can Do It!”

Start saying what you “can do", instead of making all kinds of excuses. My new motto was: FIND A WAY, or be willing to endure the effort and struggle required to grow. I wrote: “I BELIEVE IN MY PURPOSE” on a piece of paper and pinned it to my wall.

I Started Thinking BIG

When you dig into yourself, you see that you limit yourself. I updated my "not good enough" scripts, and took the blame, and awakened my power to think big and build my future.

I Started Embracing My Story

I started to embrace every part of my story right back to my roots, and at age 50, trusted the process and took a leap of faith and started a blog. This brought momentum, which helped me write a book, speak at an event, do a radio interview, teach a blogging course, and write this guest blog. Each choice I made, brought more meaningful opportunities.

We won't figure it all out, because our road ahead is a journey, not a destination. Each action along the way builds your dreams and makes you feel a little better.

Believing you can do what you love and FINDING A WAY to do it, no matter what, is the ticket, because whatever we believe is true for us.
We have all the resources to fulfill our heart’s desire within us, waiting to be discovered, and once we are grateful for them, they shine a light on our road ahead.

~ Ann

This is a guest blog for by Ann Hoy.

Ann Hoy is the author of “Pump Your Own Tires”, available on Amazon. She teaches writing in Surrey, British Columbia, and hangs out with her 3 sons and her dog. She is committed to embracing her story, and helping others embrace theirs.

Originally published on Linkedin
Images courtesy of Pixabay


That is so inspiring. I like where you’re coming from.

Good stuff Ann. I have 2 small whiteboards, I'm gonna get them out! Ive been writing about EFT tapping...I'm in a research study. I'm not sure how it was but it's working! What's up for you next?

The white boards are magic for me because I can see what is in my mind. Am working on making my speech more succinct and confident.

I see. How are you doing that?

Thank you @annhoyblog. Just hit that magic number in October. I can see similarities in our mindset. THNX again

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