overcoming the hurdles in 2017, and coming back stronger in 2018

in love •  2 years ago 

2018 is looking upward!! I have had a long year full of growth, conquering depression , hardship , heartbreaks, debts , moving to a new home in africa. holy shift 2017 was most intense but I’m grateful i didn’t give up, because i had a little help from people I barely knew when i arrived steemit. talk about restoring my faith in humanity, new friends have synchronistically walked into my life in unbelievable ways you could ever imagine. I started my new venture as an upcycler of all things fun and crafty with a friend , restored my vows as a trader and artist that and for 2018 I’m going to start painting/ trading more than i have ever while encouraging others to collaborate on large art projects, mentoring people on crypto currency trading. I hope to continue to meet life long friends on steemit , and connect more with my family ! Stay lit!


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Great post mate, 2018 is only gonna get better. Happy new year

Yes thank you

Those sound like some amazing life changes!

Yes, thank you

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WOW this is so inspiring

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