MY 2 CENTS with AMARIE: Inner Circle Sabotage

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Why is it sometimes that when you're trying to get on your grind, it's the one's closest to you that wanna sabotage you the most?


Who needs enemies, if you have friends, family and "other" loved ones stabbing you in the back? And in the face, for that matter.

Is that not just ridiculous?

The old wolf in sheep's clothing syndrome. Everybody who pretends to be down for you is not down for you for real. And those who aren't are just perpetrating, and as soon as they get the chance, they'll pull the rug out from under you and bring you down as far as they can.

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Steven Stosny, Ph.D., his article, "Why We Hurt the Ones We Love, and Let Them Hurt Us" reminds us that if somebody supposedly loves you, it will show, and "No matter what happens, the person you love and trust will care about your well-being and never intentionally hurt you."

Here's what to do...

Keep your head up, your eyes open, your mouth closed, your heart guarded, your hands busy, and your feet stepping. And, if you don't want to be pulled down, then don't let anybody do it to you. But, isn't it mostly always the case that we see things start out as subtle and we shrug things off and we let things slide.


  • No matter how many eggshells you walk on and how much you accommodate, bend over backwards and try to please, you'll always only be as good as your last favor to some people, and that will all get old. It can't be kept up. You can't sustain that. It's set up for failure.

You gotta be real with yourself and plan for contingencies...only you know what those should be. But, do them or you'll regret that you didn't.

Here's another thing you should do...

DON'T BE THE PERSON PERPETRATING! Really. Treat others how you want to be treated. Consider others' feelings when acting, speaking or making decisions. Put yourself in someone else's shoes and don't be so selfish all the time!

Wouldn't the world be a better place if everybody just practiced these things more?

I think so.

Just my 2 cents...2cents.jpg

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Love and hate are intertwined. This rings true to me:



This is true. Reminds me of the song and movie, It's a Thin Line between Love and Hate.

We feel different emotions towards those we love. We may hate them from time to time, but overall, we love them. And thats life


True. Sometimes you might love somebody but not like them.