Is love Blind??

in love •  10 months ago

You have all heard the phrase "love is blind", but what does it mean? Is it really true!


When you first fall in love, there are crazy emotions, obsessions, anxiety and then with time, it turns into something new. Falling in love, does all sorts of odd things to you. Palms will be sweaty, weak knees, arms are heavy. You think you can work, but you can't do anything. A lot happens when you fall head over heels at first for someone.

They can do no wrong

When you like a person, to you everything about them is perfect. Their laugh, hair and even if they take time to get dressed or order food or even if they ask questions during movies. You just like every bit of it. Maybe your friends will be apprehensive but to you, they're just jealous.


Well, may be they are jealous but you are also delusional. When we enter in a new relationship, the love interests are on pedestals. Our body is secreting hormonoes. This magix mixture of hormones suppresses negative judgements like suspicion or discrimination and induces love. We are able to see the flaws but our brain keeps on telling us, it's Ok to ignore them.

But WHY??

The reason is, it is hard-wired in our brain to become completely enamored by new love so that we can enter into next stage of relationship and take this onto another level. There is nothing that we can do about it. We always want this to happen and it is good in a way.

When Blinders fall?

You've entered the next stage and your blinders fall and you begin to realise and notice those small things that you ignored earlier. They are taking long time in getting ready or something else. But, this is also the time of beginning of something real. This is when the comfort grows and you begin to compromise for something bigger. While you are in honeymoon stage, levels of cortisol horomone goes up. It helps in inducing maddening thoughts but when you reaches the attachment stage, cortisol goes down but serotoning rises. It helps in reducing stress and balances mood. So, this means that although new and old love just looks different but they are just the same.


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I always knew it, hormones. haha. Thank you for sharing with us about blind love.


yup!! there are always hormones behind it!!

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Theres a big diference between realy falling in love with someone and being in love with love... love is a beautifull feeling and we can get addicted to it and see it when is not realy there...
most people have a hard time being alone, that i think is the main thing to work on... if we are no good alone we are not ready to be good with someone else... :)
If you like it check my love story
Have a nice and loving life!