✳️ Lotto Post # 34 - UPVOTE to participate in the draw.

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Result of Post # 32

Total payout was 4.22 SBD.

Each winner gets 1.40 SBD.


@alonetime, @reko

2nd Chance


Reserved Winner


Participants not following @trlotto are given a second chance to claim the prize. Only the first participant to claim from this list gets to have it all. To claim they need to follow @trlotto and comment below.

Reserved winner gets the prize if no claims are made from any of the 2nd chance list participant within 24 hours.

To participate

Simply upvote this post with at least $0.02

*Additional entry on every $0.20 upvote, till a maximum of 20 entries.

In case your upvote worth is lower than the required minimum, you can also send SBD or STEEM with "lotto [SPACE] post_number" in the memo to participate.

You must follow @trlotto in order to claim the prize.

Draw closes 12 hours before the payout.

Optional: Resteem this post to get an extra entry !!

Provably fair : Selection is made using list randomizer available on random.org, using the hash of the very first BTC block mined on the payout day (UTC Time) as a persistent identifier. List of all the entries for this draw here

All the best !!!


Yay, I'm on a good streak!^^
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I was so close :p

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