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Result of Reward Post # 25

Total payout was 6.32 SBD. Each winner gets 2.10 SBD.

Participants not following @trlotto are given a second chance to claim the prize.

To participate

Simply upvote this post with at least $0.02

*Additional entry on every $0.20 upvote, till a maximum of 20 entries.

In case your upvote is lower than the required minimum, you can also send SBD with "lotto [SPACE] post_number" in the memo to participate.

You need to follow @trlotto in order to claim the prize.

Draw closes 12 hours before the payout.

Optional: Resteem this post to get an extra entry !!

Provably fair : Users are selected using list randomizer available on random.org, using the hash of the very first BTC block mined on the payout day (UTC Time) as a persistent identifier. You can get a list of entries here and check it out for yourself.

All the best !!!


After no claims were made from 2nd chance list. @reko is the default winner.

hmm changing the rules in the middle of a round is not really fair...?

Yes, it's kinda sudden but it is to get more consistent upvoters (like you) to upvote for the post and pust the reward pool a little higher. 2nd chance people only have 48 hours to claim, thus its a nice way to filter active users. If no claims are made by then, the next participant i.e. you, will get the reward. We'll revert back to old rules if this doesn't work out. Lastly, thanks for your upvote.

yeh, I don't have a problem with the rule change per say and it's probably better in long term but imo it should have been announced as a rule change in the post beforehand and not in the middle of a round...

Yes, it should have been announced beforehand. We apologize for the inconvenience.

no worries, I'm very happy with your service and I'll see what I can do to get you some more attention! :)

That's a nice rule to give at least 2nd chance to those who got selected.

Thanks for the feedback..

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