Testing #1 - Steemit Lotto result on DTube

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This is just a test to see how my post is being rendered on DTube. This is NOT the post for playing the game!! Testing basic description feature. Time taken for uploading all details and video: 10 minutes.

The results for the Steemit Lotto Week 14 is out and has there been a participant who got the 52.5 Steem on the table? Do we have lucky winners in the other categories as well? Don't forget to play this week to try your luck XD

Week # 14 - Lucky Numbers


Below is the official video of the draw live as it happened.

@rayne122 correctly guessed 4 numbers and was awarded 12.5% of the liquid reward of the post!

@mikehustleinc correctly guessed 3 numbers and was awarded 12.5% of the liquid reward of the post!

The pot for next week is a minimum 54 STEEM so start writing your entries in the comment section by following the rules below to be eligible to play.

This is a weekly game which will run at 19 00 (GMT) every Sunday.

The numbers will be randomly selected every Sunday evening using random.org to generate numbers randomly for the game. The process will be recorded and made available in the next post to announce the winners for transparency.

The game's rule has been simplified to only 5 steps:

  2. The person must guess 6 numbers between 1 - 40 and write it in the comment below
  3. The person has the option to write a maximum of 3 combinations of 6 numbers
  4. A number can be chosen only once, meaning you cannot repeat a number that you have already used. Eg, 1-20-24-35-36-37 is correct whereas 1-20-20-24-35-36 is incorrect as the number 20 has been used twice.
  5. The number should be seperated by a dash (-) with no spaces in between. Eg. 10-11-16-25-30-32
  6. All winning possibilities are as follows
Winning possibilitiesReward
6 numbers correctly guessedPot size + 50% post SBD reward
5 numbers correctly guessed25% post SBD reward
4 numbers correctly guessed12.5% post SBD reward
3 numbers correctly guessed12.5% post SBD reward

How are the rewards distributed?

  1. If there is more than 1 winner per category, the reward will be divided among all the winners as described in the table above.
  2. The SBD reward of this post will be added to the minimum pot size. Eg. If this post receives 100 SBD as payout, the winner(s) will win 100 SBD + 100 STEEM as reward to be distributed among all.
  3. If there is no winner, the SBD reward of the post will be added to the pot size. Eg. If this post receives 100 SBD as payout and there is no winner, the minimum pot size for next week will be increased to 100 STEEM + post SBD payout converted to STEEM!

Good luck to everyone  😎 

Don't forget to check if you are a winner every Sunday at around 19 00 (GMT)

(created by @readallaboutit)

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