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Dear visitors of my blog, I want to give you an interesting game, the results of which can not be faked - Blockchain.loto.



In order to become a participant of the current lottery you need to vote for this entry and in the comments specify a chain with 15 numbers - zeros and ones.


  • 001 110 000 111 010


| Attention! It is forbidden to make changes to the published comment.

  • You can leave only one combination of numbers in one round;
  • Acceptance of your answers is terminated after the first number is generated in the current round;
  • Money for unspecified sectors goes into the next round and the amount accumulates;

Payments to winners are held after receiving funds for my wallet.

Before you leave your version, check the current block -

If you have any questions, write to me - @valera
Sign up to me to keep abreast of the new rounds of the game.

Good luck in the game!!!


011 011 001 000 111

011 111 110 111 000

001 100 000 000 000