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This is the @steem-jackpot upvote lottery with varying jackpots. Upvote to participate and get your tickets. No need to pay anything nor sign up.

Drawing the winner is provably fair based on the merkle roots on the steem blockchain.
The Winner gets either the full jackpot or 170 percent of the liquid payout of this post.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This post is promoted by @reversed-bidbot as an upvote lottery with a jackpot of 0.300 steem!

There are still up to 1500 tickets waiting to be distributed.

Tickets are distributed according to the value of your upvotes with a multiplier of 4250.0.
Upvote the post to participate and claim your tickets!

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I was called to perform a provably fair random drawing for @reversed-bidbot!

There are a 902 tickets participating in this round.
@abcor holds tickets number 0 - 2
@steem.create holds tickets number 3 - 6
@curatorbot holds tickets number 7 - 76
@votum holds tickets number 77 - 109
@cyoadventuregame holds tickets number 110 - 110
@xxxplasticman holds tickets number 111 - 123
@havok777 holds tickets number 124 - 456
@zero-profit holds tickets number 457 - 859
@reversed-bidbot holds tickets number 860 - 884
@freshindia holds tickets number 885 - 893
@hans001 holds tickets number 894 - 901
The merkle root of the block in which this post will appear determines the winner.


The block in which the above post is included has a merkle root of b2dbfb460ccc6e02d68e206d0c77a7da9f892810.
To find the winner we:

  1. Convert the merkle root into base 10:
    b2dbfb460ccc6e02d68e206d0c77a7da9f892810 = 1021106109425668393867571112303563448676554188816.
  2. Compute the residual after dividing by the number of tickets: 1021106109425668393867571112303563448676554188816 mod 902 = 864.
  3. This is the winning ticket, held by @reversed-bidbot.