Started circulation No.54 lottery "STEEMIT of FORTUNE"

in #lottery5 years ago


STEEMIT of FORTUNE - vote and win!


Rules of engagement:

1 ) Vote for this article. (in comments indicate "participate")

2 ) To wait for the results.

Poole played the amount of money in circulation. The pool is formed from SBD for the post collected edition.

Contest rules:

1 ) Selection of winners will be made via random number generator. A list of voters for the publication, and then randomly selects the winners from the last to the first place.

2 ) the pool Distribution of 100% among the winners. The principle of distribution of the prizes listed in the table:


3 ) The results of the draw will be published on next day after completion.

Reception of applications for participation in the current edition ends in 23 hours before its accrual.
The whole process is done manually. If you have any questions please in the comments.


Circulation every day
The results of the draw will be published on next day after completion.

Good luck to everyone!

If you have any suggestions please write in the comments.




I just upvoted like the 20 most recent posts of yours...

I'm interested to see how this turns out. It's it a vote scam or will there be a real winner? Please screenshot the payouts as proof.

He does post the results. I have won before. Check his other posts.

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