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Steem Block: 49494447

Hash: a70f070b63cd63c505967e423716f4849bf4664b02f339ae62bc29d559559d6bc44d7b6e925e0459

Nobody has bought ticket for this round.


How to play?

Send at least 1 STEEM to @flashlottery to buy an entry ticket. After each round (of 10 minutes) a winner is selected among all participants and receive the total prize of the lottery pool. You can also buy more tickets to have more chance to win the prize.

Is FlashLottery provably fair?

Yes, FlashLottery is a provably fair lottery system, anyone can verify the result with this algorithm, where sum is the total amount of ticket and the hash is the merkle root of the current block + the previous one : https://gist.github.com/tonyofbyteball/99b5e5001dc81ed296a0525d5eb38cde#file-draw-winner-selection-algo-js-L21

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Are there any fees for participants?

Yes, as FlashLottery we take 1% of the ticket cost to run the lottery and make special events for players. This rule does not apply if there is only 1 participant.

Few tips for responsible gambling

  • Only spend what you can afford
  • Set your limits for time and money
  • Gambling is not the answer to any problem
  • Gambling when angry or upset is not a good idea
  • Gambling shouldn’t interfere with your personal relationships

Next round in 10 minutes. Don't forget to buy your ticket(s)!

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