Jackpot drawing in less than 90 minutes, A chance to win over $275.00!!!

in lottery •  2 years ago

Hey all, Steemloto is super excited to announce that just one drawing after launch, we have already reached a new high in pool size ! We hope to continue this trend going forward. To celebrate our launch and this mini-milestone, we have added a $50 bonus added to tonights jackpot! jackpot at $275+ and growing with less than 90 minutes remaining. A guaranteed winner every night!

0.01 SBD = 1 ticket

With the house rake of 0.5%, this means every player has +ev gambling odds unless the pool hits $10,000 or more!

Please feel free to join us in the #steemloto chat as well!!!


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In it to win it. Go big or go home :)

i entered but not many tic kets, if i win i will do sometyhing great for steemit to become dolphin


Coming for your $$$ in bingo too!

I have a 0.0001% chance of winning , Dear SteemLoto Gods , Please let me win!