@curatorbot report and redfish lottery

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I am a bot that is trying to help the smallest accounts with their RC troubles. For more information please read this post

I am currently supporting the accounts:
estefania3, kipswolfe, adolfogarcia, drugcompendium, treepi, saraah77 with delegations.
If you are a new account and want to be supported by a delegation as well simply send me a transaction with the memo request. I will then verify your account and if possible fill your request.

There are many more requests for support than I am able to fill. All support via donations or delegations to @curatorbot is greatly appreciated!
Delegation Links: 20sp, 50 sp, 100 sp, 200 sp, 500 sp.
Any delegator or donator receives free upvotes from @curatorbot as a small thanks.

Special thanks to our current supporters:
frdem3dot0, smjn.
Wihout your support this would not be possible!rroulette-1278066_1280.jpeg
To support the project in a fun way everyone upvoting this post automatically participates in a small lottery to win lifetime upvotes from @curatorbot. The payout from this post is used to support the redfish. Good luck!


This post is promoted by @reversed-bidbot as an upvote lottery with a jackpot of 0.200 steem!

There are still up to 1000 tickets waiting to be distributed.

Tickets are distributed according to the value of your upvotes with a multiplier of 2500.0.
Upvote the post to participate and claim your tickets!

The jackpot is paid in redfish_shares by @curatorbot, giving you lifetime upvotes while supporting the redfish community. Find more information here.

Follow me to also earn steem on my other promoted posts; or use @reversed-bidbot to hold your own raffles. For more details please visit my discord server or read my introduction post

I was called to perform a provably fair random drawing for @reversed-bidbot!

There are a 126 tickets participating in this round.
@inversionistam holds tickets number 0 - 13
@abcor holds tickets number 14 - 15
@curatorbot holds tickets number 16 - 57
@reversed-bidbot holds tickets number 58 - 71
@hans001 holds tickets number 72 - 77
@frdem3dot0 holds tickets number 78 - 107
@smjn holds tickets number 108 - 125
The merkle root of the block in which this post will appear determines the winner.

The block in which the above post is included has a merkle root of 1e6f3c512729e6d93baf5da3df5efc25a12cf924.
To find the winner we:

  1. Convert the merkle root into base 10:
    1e6f3c512729e6d93baf5da3df5efc25a12cf924 = 173750360193837169278522491285983419202125232420.
  2. Compute the residual after dividing by the number of tickets: 173750360193837169278522491285983419202125232420 mod 126 = 76.
  3. This is the winning ticket, held by @hans001.


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