I'm posting this a day late, but I want to honor a death today!steemCreated with Sketch.

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Yesterday marked an important 1-year anniversary of death. His name is etched in stone for his compassion, his caring, his attempt to save a life, and ultimately the passing of his life. He was handsome, huge, but loving and kind. He would calmly spend his days in synthetic nature. He bathed in the son. He'd pound his chest when he was angry, but he would use his heart when he felt loving.

It's been one year my friend. Me and the rest of the internet love you, support you, miss you, and hope you're well on your journey. I love you Harambe.

One of my proudest moments in posting was actually linking Harambe memes to Post WWI Dadaism, which I studied in college. This motherfucker was amazing and he'll be surely missed.


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Harambe! Don't know if you heard this, but at least the name lives on:

Brings a tear to my eye

Your remembrance of Harambe really touched me. I'm glad you made the effort to share this with us. It was indeed a very, very sad time. Too often people kill animals either for sport or when stupid people cause a situation that puts the animal at risk. I hope that one day humanity can prevail. Again, thank-you for this remembrance! It was really, really special!

I have another planned.


May St. Harambe, the Saint of Misunderstood Heroes, Guide and Protect You In Your Life and Travels.

Very good post congratulate you, follow me and we help each other

Hey man. Waiting for a response from your team. I don't want to roll for you guys.

RIP Harambe