The International Cloud Atlas announces 12 new 'clouds'

in losangeles •  11 months ago

A lot of sky watchers have noticed we seem to have more and more days where certain condensation trails linger and spread out over the sky, dimming the sunshine. Especially people with solar panels have noticed that they aren't getting the same amount of energy out of their panels. It seems we have more and more of the types of planes that create these persistent contrails, now officially named a 'cloud'.

The International Cloud Atlas just announced 12 new 'clouds'. One is Homomutatus which means 'human altered' in Latin. They linger and spread out, creating a thin veil over the sky.

In L.A. we now have many days all year with these certain types of airplanes that create homomutatus, like today. Other days it seems we hardly have any air traffic, like yesterday, and the sky is wonderfully blue. The explanation for the lingering clouds are supposed to be humidity. Then our climate really must have changed because I've lived here for 10 years, and I find it very unusual. We used to have completely blue skies most of the year, except for our winter / rain season and during 'June gloom'.

How do you feel about these manmade 'clouds'? Do you worry about your health? I think they seem very similar to geoengineering methods described by geoengineers when they talk about blocking the sun to combat global warming. Do you think this is what has begun?

Source: The International Cloud Atlas has announced 12 new 'clouds'

Some examples of these new 'clouds' I took the last few days:

Freshly made 'clouds':


Some hazy 'clouds':


Same place in Hollywood Hills - but no airplane traffic all day:


More new 'clouds':






Check out the trailer for 'Frankenskies' - a documentary by activist Matt Landman:

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Thank you for spreading the message on climate engineering. We have to keep talking about this issue and raising awareness here on Steemit. We've probably one of the highest concentrations of free thinkers anywhere on the internet, so it's a great audience to spread this message to!

oh wow, i can't wait to check out this video. i have a post i'm working on from a vacation i just took to Pismo Beach, CA... the 'man made clouds' were insane.

Nice observations, good photos, and even better questions.



Good questions. And gets into the whole "chem trails" discussion and the good/bad of all that.

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this is nice , if you want to see same in Ireland with happy people
check my last post that I made for dollar vigilante

Thank, I like you photo.