Goengineering Toxic Aerosol Sky in Little Rock, AR

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Filmed with a cell phone and a sony camcorder, this scenario developed starting at sunrise and melted into a gray-blue solid bright haze covering the sky by 1:00pm. We are past the point of no return to the very near future of a life where, if one has survived to see it, will resemble more of a literal wasteland. All comforts and prospects for the future we want our kids to have gone. The longer we continue allowing them to disrupt and destroy the global climate and poison every living being with heavy metals, the closer we come to a complete omnicide scenario where there are no survivors, human or otherwise. Please learn more about this most important of all issues and visit www.geoengineeringwatch.org I am not affiliated with the site, but think it is the best complete source for ones answers.

I credit the audio to a clip from the documentary What in the World are they Spraying. It can be found available on the aforementioned site, or on youtube. When searching, please to ensure your proper education, do not use terms like chemtrails. This is science and it is BIG and going on planetwide all day everyday. There is no more natural weather.

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