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The battle for COVID-19 continues, but my work has been lost. While worrying about the protection and needs of life, we should sort out the reasons for being laid off...

"Don't want to work" "mixed eating and so on" "don't want to work hard" has become the young people often talk about the words. Of course, for many people, it's just a self-desor, and it's impossible not to work.

Life will continue, the virus is continuing! Of course, we are not knocked down by the virus now. Therefore, we still have to work hard to the good re-entry, but, in the face of being dismissed after the confusion. It's not easy to find a job again!

My teacher told me before about how to face the problem of not wanting to work, now it seems necessary to try!

Labour market


More painful than work is that there is no work to be done. The recruitment market in every city is alive with the toughest people in the city.
They don't have a degree, no background, they don't even have the skills, they make money by working hard. The night before, he might have stayed up late, but the next morning it wasn't before, and I was crouching here.
After all, come earlier and have a little more chance. They are always three to five groups standing on the side of the road, either chatting or dazed.
But their eyes are very alert, as long as they see an employer coming over, immediately flocked to, "Boss, do you have a job, want someone?" "
In their hearts, as soon as someone comes over, it's like a banknote coming to them, and the idea of making a living is obvious!
The chosen man, nodding to the waist, Vinono stood behind the employer. Those who are not selected, the smile on their faces disappears instantly and returns silently to their original position.
No one wants to live decently, but for them survival is far more than dignity. Most of them are short-term workers, temporary workers, do a job to end a job money, work day to end a day of work money. In the case of people living less, the money will also be reduced.
After all, you do not do, there are people rushing to dry, money to earn better than no money to earn. A day without work, this day no income, meaning that later life is more difficult.
During the day, they come here to "find a job" and live in a cheap rental room at night.
You can never imagine that some people are trying their best just to live.
Compared to them, we are lucky to be able to sit in a spacious and bright office and do a decent job.
If you don't want to go to work, you go to the labor market to see, you don't want to do the job, how many people dream of.



I like the words:
"In this world, there are people who are constantly changing themselves, and others who wake up to find that the world has changed. "
Seeing them, they always feel ashamed of their depravity and waste of time.
In the film "Shawshank's Redemption", Andy helped the prison governor launder money, and after gaining trust, he immediately took the opportunity to transfer to the library.
Then the library helped at least two dozen inmates pass high school equivalents.
It means that when they get out of prison, they can get out of the muddy life and find a decent job.
In this world, there are really many people still enthusiastic, still carrying dreams, in silent efforts.
When you don't want to work, go to the library.
From those firm eyes, hard back, perhaps you will also be full of strength.



In the hall of the hospital, I saw a particularly poignant scene. A middle-aged woman, laying the ground, sleeps in the corner, surrounded by supplies. At that time she woke up, was getting up to clean up the bedding, in the empty hall, looked particularly eye-catching.
Security guards also did not evict her, and heard that her family was in the hospital, where she had been sleeping for days in the corner of the hospital. Can she sleep one night at a hotel near the hospital? Yes, but it costs money.
And the savings of money, can let the family living in the ward eat a little better, can use the side effects of a little medicine.
"I am not a god of medicine" has a classic line: "There is only one disease in this world, is poor disease." "
Hospitals are where money and fate compete against each other.
Anyone who has been to the hospital knows that as long as you do a few tests, it means that there are no pay for days.
Spending money in hospitals is much faster than the average person's money.
If it's a big illness, the cost is unimaginable to ordinary people.
Some people say: "Between the middle class and the poor, between the well-off and the poor, is just a sick distance." "
Adults often talk about a topic: What is the meaning of hard work?
In my see, the meaning of hard work, good money, is that you can give the family a sense of security, so that they do not have to worry about life.
There is no more simple and greater meaning than this.
If you don't want to go to work, go to the hospital and see those who don't have the money to see a doctor.
See how a disease can easily break down a family.
Although the work is very tired, but the money earned, can be entrusted to lift a family happiness.

The streets in the early hours of the


Some people say that in the early hours of the morning, half of the streets are desperate to spend money, half are desperate to earn money.
People who are desperate for life, drunk, like a lone ghost wandering in the street.
Those who lose their passion for life walk aimlessly and are stretched by streetlights.
And the homeless, crouching in bus seats, or crowded in KFC...
Think about it, if you don't have a job and no income, don't you live like this?
You think the city in the early hours of the morning was pressed to pause, everything into quiet, but the reality is not.
You've seen the streets in the early hours of the morning and you'll see that the city didn't stop because of the night, and people didn't stop.
No one's life is easy, everyone is just gritting their teeth and hard shoulder.
"Life is not so good, but it's not that bad, " Moposan said. "
Through the darkness of the early morning, you can see the dawn.
Live hard, the city sooner or later there will be a lone lamp for you to light up, there is a house to let you settle down.

Maybe try it! No one makes mistakes at work, no one doesn't suffer setbacks, and no one is always emotionally stable.
It's just that someone quickly sorts out their emotions, someone is addicted to sadness and can't extricate themselves.
Eighty percent of life's pain comes from going to work, but if you don't, 100 percent of the pain comes from not having money.
Tagore says:
"The suffering you suffer today, the loss of food, the responsibility, the sin to carry, the pain of bear, and finally will become light, illuminate your way." "
You have to stay up, you have to stay bitter, you have to wait, wait until the spring warm flowers.
Life continues, and anything that can't beat you will make you strong.

I hope that in this viral war, unemployed friends can find new jobs as soon as possible! I wish you good health!


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