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RE: Bombing Giants Head Mountain With Branders0n - First Ever Video Of 2 Steemit Members Longboarding Together

in #longboarding9 months ago

Man I loved the powerslide at 5:40 ;). Good shit bro!
One question though. How come these roads are closed? Are you organizing some kind of events and get a permission to skate these roads or you just say fuck it, no car will come? Hahaha!


This Giants Head Freeride, it's just past 10 years of running. It started out as just skaters skating the open road, but the town around it got upset. so as a compromise they let them shut the road down once a year, for 3 days to host this event. Then we all stay in a campground near by, which usually turns into a giant party on the last night.
That corner is called Deadman's Corner, which is the second fastest corners on the hill, and the biggest. If you mess up, there is a pretty big drop right at the end of the corner, which you do not want to fall down! They call it the Temple Of Doom!

Hahaahahah! I can guess why they call it like that!
Awesome video bro and thanks for the info!

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