Calling All Longboarders On Steem - New Name, Same Direction!

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Lets make #Longboarding on Steem popular!


I have been inspired by @Steemskate to do more curating, on top of posting my own content. Currently I only know a few others who are posting longboarding posts, but I bet many more of you have boards out there! So if you use the tag #longboarding , I will do my best to find your post, and if it's quality I'll upvote it, and likely resteem it too.

Game of skate, equivalent?

To give people something to post about rather than just a video of you pushing around, I want to give challenges / lessons on different aspects of longboarding. For example, I'll post a video showing you how to do a certain slide, then you go out and try to film the same move. If other out there know a trick, they can also create a challenge to others to try their trick. My hope is that this will build up the number of longboarders on Steem, as well as grow the audience who enjoys watching action sports.

The Dream

My hope is this will help out many longboarders get motivated to start creating content, and in turn will help many longboarders who need a extra source of income to do their passion, since there is not much money in the sport even for the pro's. But if this works, there is a huge community of amazing skaters, videographers, and content creators, who are tight like a huge family, who I hope will join us on Steem.

People who've posted about longboards before

Here is a few people I have found posting about longboards so far, though many have not posted in a while. Hopefully seeing themselves tagged will get them excited to post again.








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Fuck Steemit.

Better use SteemPeak ;)

I'll probably also join with some longboard posts.. :)

Thanks for the shout out dude and if we can help you with anything just join the #steemskate discord and let's talk about it.
Once we msnage to gather more SP from delegations and posts, things are gonna be huge.
And the SKATE TOKEN is almost ready.
Time for all us skaters to rock this place 🤘🤘

Resteemed by @Steemskate.

That's really a great idea! Will try to post more longboarding content now that I have settled down at a new uni 😄

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Sweet! I'll keep an eye out for your next post.