Longboard slide jam

in #longboarding8 months ago (edited)

Here's another of my earlier edits, this time at a slide jam at a really technical trail. This spot was damp and patchy, but the folks all had fun and made the most of it. Also, Cardi B was blowing up and Savageman made a comment that he didn't like it, so of course I put it on the edit. This is a local freeride spot that is near the pump track from my other videos, check it out!


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That's so rad man. I just started skating last October and I can't imagine bombing a hill at that speed, let along powersliding like that. Looks insanely fun though!

Wow, new skater on board? Ain't skating the best thing ever dude? Are you into longboarding or skateboarding?

Yeah man it's the best! I started on 9.13" Andy Anderson old-school style board but would definitely give longboarding a shot as I pretty much just cruise around at this point :-) I was stoked to see there was a #steemskate community the other day when I tagged #skateboarding on a post.

I'll follow ya'll on my account @dpend.active too that's where I'm gonna post skate- and exercise-related content!

Nice. I don't know why, but I enjoy bad music on a good video.
Also, add a few more tags to this, such as video, life, and travel.

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