With 2 weeks to go to The London Cryptocurrency Show we are now looking for your support to help us promote the event through Social Media.

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#Promo-Steem - The London Cryptocurrency Show

2 Week - Promotional Campaign

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Please help us to promote The London Cryptocurrency Show

With 2 weeks to go to The London Cryptocurrency Show, we are now looking for your support to help us promote the event through Social Media.

Event date and venue

The London Cryptocurrency Show will hold its inaugural show on Saturday 14th April 2018 at the Novotel London West in the heart of London.

This event will be the first for the owners and operators of the show and as one of their selected Media Partners I am very proud to be have been asked to help and support their event.

Over the last couple of months, #Promo-Steem.com with the lead help from Matt @Starkerz and the rest of the team including Dylan @Anarcotech, Callie @Creatocracy and Alla @Allasyummyfood, everyone has worked tirelessly in putting together what I am confident will be an amazing day.

Showcasing #Steemit and the #Steem Blockchain

Being able to showcase #Steemit and the #Steem Blockchain for the first time in the U.K. is something that I am really excited and looking forward to being part of.

This event will bring a tremendous amount of added value to the #Steem Community, as we will be presenting the #Steem Ecosystem to a large number of visitors/investors expected to come through the doors on the day.

With an estimated number of +2,000 visitors/investors that are likely to pass our Exhibitor's Stand, this is a golden opportunity that we have grasped with both hand.

Call to the owners and operators

Yesterday, I had a good chat with the owners and operators of The London Cryptocurrency Show and agreed that we will now ramp up our promotion campaign for the Show, by leveraging the help and support of the #Steemit Community.

This is a great opportunity for us all now to demonstrate to the World the sheer power, brute force and influence that the #Steemit Community really has.

It is this strength in numbers that I would like to present to The London Cryptocurrency Show.

What we are looking for

I would appreciate it if you could help support The London Cryptocurrency Show by publishing a small blog with a photo of you holding up a sign with the words "I support The London Cryptocurrency Show" on it.

Tags to use

If you could also include the following five tags, this will help us pick up your blogs.

#londoncryptocurrencyshow #cryptocurrency #steemit #steem #promo-steem

In return

As a way of saying thanks, in return, I will up vote and re-steem all those blogs that are helping us to support The London Cryptocurrency Show and will encourage the rest of the team to do the same.

I will also be happy to tweet the blogs for my followers to see and will tag The London Cryptocurrency Show on the tweet for the operators to see.

Over to you guys

It's now over to you guys and I look forward to reading and sharing your blogs and support.

Thanks again for reading.


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  ·  last year (edited)

I will support the event cryptocurrency show which will be held in london on April 14, 2018, will promote this event to other friend's account there lhokseumawe city.


We always in behind you @m25091984
I do hope the steemit will be coming to in donesia.
Good luck for us


thanks @arfandin,
vote on the promo-steem with @stephenkendal by writing on paper with I WILL SUPPORT THE FULL CRYPTOCURRENCY SHOW IN LONDON, as I do this.


I want to present at London on 14 April 2018 to support #londoncryptocurrensyshow and @stepenkendal

London cryptocurrency show is one of the best show in crypto history. I think people learn many things about cryptocurrency. UK is one of the top country and i hope it must be successful and i expect to all crypto expert to arrange more show in worldwide because people should know about it. It enhances their crypto knowledge. Thank sir @stephenkendal for sharing about the show.

  ·  last year (edited)

okay sir i will post it on twitter and YouTube and also resteem your post so that more and more people join London cryptocurrency show.

A great show at London, surely will post it on my account on twitter to share this great show as much as I can ....
really great stuff, Looking forward to it :)

I'll be happy to help you to campaign
London Cryptocurrency Show
thank you for sharing @stephenkendal

Sure i will share it on my social media accounts and promote london crypto show

I'll drop a few posts in Facebook groups.

Thats awesome - good time in London

We will support you in this great show

wow thats a great news sir following your blog from a while love your posts so much,this is great iniative.my support will be always with you.all the best.

Great campaign and wonderful wish you success
I wish you good luck
You are a successful person

a very good post. I will always support you

I pray that your event will run successfully .. and me and my friends will promote it for you ... success is always for you

I am very happy to help you, and I support you ,,, even I want to go to The London Cryptocurrency Show,
Thank @stephenkendal

a good show.
I would like to preach
in my social media
London Cryptocurrency Show

OK man, I'll make a post on this tomorrow. Cheers! #Isupportthelondoncryptocurrencyshow

It is always an easy choice sir, to support anything you support. Massive respect, and i wish you all the best.

Yes I will post it on twitter also restore your post so more and more people join the London cryptocurrency event.
Good luck

Yes, I also support and share your post on my twitter account to join your london cryptocurrency event Ye

Ok, bos

ok sir #londoncryptocurrencyshow #cryptocurrency #steemit #steem #promo-steem we will use these tags and make sure to be a successful event.

  ·  last year (edited)

Yeah I also support and share your post on my facebook account and told other peoples to join your london cryptocurrency show 😊

I will help you to promote


hi @stephenkendal
this is proof of our vote support in the London show cryptocurrency show on April 14, 2018.

hopefully the event as smoothly as expected
regards @stephenkendal

hi @stephenkendal
this is evidence of my promotions and hard work to support the show's cryptocurrency show in london, and this is our group for the success and glory of steemi world social media.

I just read from the post @stephenkendal


Success @stephenkendal

  ·  last year (edited)

Woww, cool ... Of course I will follow to promote her, best regards @stephenkendal
And I will invite my friends to join the promotion

nice a post,go join steemit

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I fully support it, hopefully the show spread the goodness to all corners of the world @stephenkendal

Informative post.


I Support Full you mr @stepenkendal and I will present In London for event cryptocurrensy show



I really support this event. this is an incredible event. I hope to be able to take part in the event...

I support londoncryptocurrencyshow weldone for the good work GOD bless you

nices posts i like your posts
always love your post.

wow amazing love your blog posts so much you are a great inspiration for me.with out you nothing is possible.

It's support from me with my friends steemit village community, and some post related support for the London Cryptocurrency Show.