I am pleased to confirm that the x2 new TV Monitors have arrived safely ready to test the presentations ahead of The London Cryptocurrency Show next week. Content required for Monitor 1.

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#Promo-Steem - The London Cryptocurrency Show

TV Monitors Arrived (9).jpg

TV Monitors have arrived safely

I am pleased to confirm that the x2 new TV Monitors have arrived safely ready to test the presentations ahead of The London Cryptocurrency Show next week.

TV Monitors Arrived (1).jpg

TV Monitors Arrived (2).jpg

TV Monitors Arrived (3).jpg

TV Monitors Arrived (4).jpg

TV Monitors Arrived (5).jpg

TV Monitors Arrived (6).jpg

TV Monitors Arrived (7).jpg

TV Monitors Arrived (8).jpg

TV Monitors Arrived (9).jpg

Monitor 1 Presentation

I am once again reaching out to any App Developers on the #Steem Blockchain that would like us to present their product on Monitor 1.

Please forward a short slide presentation and we will include it on display.

The London Cryptocurrency Show - Monitor 1

Exhibition Stand. We want your Presentations..jpg

App Presentations wanted for Monitor 1

With 6 days to go to The London Cryptocurrency show I am pleased to say that things are coming together nicely and I am once again reaching out for content for the Show.

On our Exhibitors Stand there will be two high level TV monitors, Monitor 1 and Monitor 2.

Monitor 2 will be displaying the uninterrupted "Loop Presentation" of +300 photographs from around the World demonstrating all the promotional work that is being done.

This presentation is 95% complete.

Monitor 1 will display various presentations including the promotion of Apps in the #Steem Ecosystem.

I am therefore reaching out to all App Developers in the #Steem Ecosystem that would like to forward a short presentation of their product and we will include it on Monitor 1.

Example presentation in from @sndbox

To give you an idea what I am looking for, this is the presentation that has been kindly sent in from @sndbox.

Blog The London Cryptocurrency Show Promo-Steem Steemit Steem Blockchain Promotion Blog.png
Credit: @sndbox

Credit: @sndbox

Monitor 1 - Slide 1

Monitor 1 - Slide 2

Monitor 1 - Slide 3

Monitor 1 - Slide 4

Monitor 1 - Slide 5

Monitor 1 - Slide 6

Monitor 1 - Slide 7

Monitor 1 - Slide 8

These slides have been added to the Monitor 1 Presentation.

Please submit your slide content by Wednesday evening so I can include it on the Monitor 1 display.

Thanks for reading and thanks once again for supporting The London Cryptocurrency Show.


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That's pretty nice work Sir @stephen. Monitor 1 will get more attention as all are curious to know the presentation on the big screen. It seems things are going great so far.

14th April is near to hit the Jackpot with steemit project. #promo-steem project will eb rock on that day because there are numbers of hard worker behind this project and I'mpretty much sure that every person will be happy on that day after seeing the progress of STEEM.

We all also waiting for the increment in the price of STEEM & SBD so that every new human who are joining this platform get stick into it forever.



No doubt, the promo-steem team are real hard workers, for ones I never doubted their ability to take Steemit to great heights. The London cryptocurrency show is a certified hit and i'm celebrating the success already. I hope the promo-steem team (@stephenkendal @starkerz @anacotech etc.) have in mind to organize the cryptocurrency show in other countries anytime soon e.g my country Nigeria, it would be a very great achievement and the attendance is guaranteed to be massive.

Just like you said @ikrahch "SUCCESS IS NEAR AT HAND"

While we promote Steemit let's not forget to help the needy...



Seems like preparations for LCCS is going great...Looking forward for the event!

Great post. Loved the amazing post.That is great that 95% of presentation.Oh that is really fast and very nicely and the monitor 2 looks brilliant and loved the preparation. That is great that you had done this work for this platform.You look really amazing.I am love with your hard work and dedication.You have done great work for this platform and that is great presentation.You will make this platform more and more popular and you are responsible of making.I am really happy to see you post.Hope you have great time there. I am with you always and enjoy there.Thanks for sharing it with us..@stephenkendal

Congrats that's TV minitors have areived successfully and now wait to watch your presentation on that bigger screen. The world will see the success of steemit platform and everyone will get inspiration from this project.
I'm waiting for the 14th April when you will present this project in front of the crypto world. I'd love to watch you there and waiting for good change ❤️

You are looking soo cute @stephenkenal in these pictures and this awesome wonderful preparation. I wish that first class for the #promo-steem and for showcase. Your efforts for this show gonna more interesting ay by day and You develop more interest in remains and for your follower fans.

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do not feel the 14th of April getting closer to 6 days away, everyone will be curious as to where the real results and then they choose the most important monitor to see more clearly what Sir @stephen convey. we are from the community #sangkalan.net always faithful to support you, the post that I write in my blog about 6 more days to go and see the magic of London CryptoCurrency show has not been awarded from you in the form of resteem or vote, thanks you friend
sangkalan net.jpg

I suport the london cryptocurency show

Well your smile shows that every thing is gonna rock this time in the #londoncryptocurrencyshow

I am pleased to confirm that the x2 new TV Monitors have arrived safely ready to test the presentations ahead of The London Cryptocurrency Show next week.

Thanks lot Stephen for the updates :)

#promo-steem #joinsteemit


we as a lover of steemit always support your @stephenkendal, as a sense of support to the event londoncryptocurrencyshow I have vote and resteem this post.

very genius @ stephenkendal, with this more convincing the crowd about the media steemitIMG_20180407_111447-01.jpeg

post a very useful, thanks for sharing, I have vote and resteem your post. I am very glad to know you, you exceptional @stephenkendal

a very useful post, thank you for sharing, I will keep following your trail and I will continue to do @ promo-steem, I am very happy to get to know you, you are amazing @stephenkendal

Wow! Thats wonderful presentation for shwcase, i hope your crypto show will be amazing and fantastic. I am very pleased to see your all efforts for this wonderful show. Mine all wishes with you sir 😊
Have a wonderful sucess a head!

Oh wow i am pleased to know that TV monitors are arrived.
Preparations for the show has completed or not?

There is no success without hard work. There is no success without Togetherness. There is no ease without prayer.
Hopefully what you have done @stephenkendal will be successful and successful, I support you the london cryptocurrency show. image

I support london Cryptocurrency


I am very supportive with your program and I really like the show you do


#Blockchain technology definitely has the power to get the government and the bank outdated. because blockchain is the backbone of the future. I am very supportive for the london cryptocurrency show ** event and I have been promoting on my blog for this support.
Thanks for this @stephenkendal success


very glad to know about confirmation of X2 new TV Monitors which reached safely and ready to test the presentations ahead of The London Cryptocurrency Show next week. Always Awesome Efforts you have done Sir @stephenkendal. I heartily appreciate you with full support your work for #promo-steem. best wishes and hope for rapid sucess to all your projects. Hats of.

London cryptocurrency show is one of the best show in crypto history. I think people learn many things about cryptocurrency. UK is one of the top country and i hope it must be successful and i expect to all crypto expert to arrange more show in worldwide because people should know about it. It enhances their crypto knowledge. Thank sir @stephenkendal for sharing about the show.

I am pleased to know that .You are doing great for steemit :)

Events in london live counting the days, great work morale and hard work spirit built by friends @stephenkendal and also from around the world have confirmed their willingness to be present at Crypto-Currency london show. Looks very clearly showing the spirit of working together to succeed. Even from India @goodkarma the most famous will also come to the event.

wow amazing sir congrats on that note,huge fan of you sir,keep posting.

There is no word that I deserve unless I am just @ suhaimiaceh and family and all steemians Aceh Indonesia, supporting and providing great support for the success of this event.

good luck in the event that you will be my good friend @stephenkendal, I really support your good friend program @stephenkendal, and I really like it.

Great work sir. Good going on London cryptocurrency show. I am so excited for this show!

  ·  last year (edited)

We always give support The London Cryptocurrency Show.



Looks very interesting. I upvote you. I like to comment on your post thank you for sharing

Hopefully the event runs smoothly and successfully.

Very good

Wonderful news and very beautiful wish you success but they are very wonderful screens

Good luck organizing the event

Thanks for sharing @stephenkendal

It was incredible. I am very happy. where I can watch live the show

I really support it. i will witness it in london. please provide information where i can watch it

Success for you and for us all in steemit. Good luck

Wow!! That's so excellent of you.
The TV monitor stand is really amazing and I think it will surely be useful in the future as well.
It is good to be creative and I'm sure this is going to have an impact on cryptocurrency show that is going to happen in London.
Thanks for sharing with us @stephenkendal

That is entirely decent work Sir @stephen. Screen 1 will get more consideration as all are interested to know the introduction on the extra large screen. It appears things are going extraordinary up until this point.

fourteenth April is close to make it big with steemit venture. #promo-steem venture will eb shake on that day on the grounds that there are quantities of diligent employee behind this task and I'mpretty much beyond any doubt that each individual will be glad on that day in the wake of seeing the improvement of STEEM.

  ·  last year (edited)

Dear sir @stephenkendal I am happy to know that the x2 new TV Monitors have arrived safely for The London Cryptocurrency Show next week. 14th April is near to hit the Jackpot with steemit project. The #promo - stream project will be rocking on that day.
You also made a great opportunity for all App Developers so they also present their own short presentation for displaying monitor 1. You are really kind and great sir @stephenkendal. Thank you very much to share this important topic with us.

Good news ofcourse.

Sir @stephenkendal you are very handsome. We are highly pleased to see you as the eye of londoncryptocurrency show. You arrange everything, we learn manything from yours. You are a great man.

a very good post so many stemenian lover who terlena with your post @ stephenkendal. as a sense of support support I have voted and resteem this posting.

inspirator @stephenkendal for me as a new steemian

Thats really good news these monitors looks so awesome sir.

Awesome post. Adored the astounding post.That is awesome that 95% of presentation.Oh that is extremely quick and pleasantly and the screen 2 looks splendid and cherished the planning. That is incredible that you had done this work for this platform.You look truly amazing.I am love with your diligent work and dedication.You have done extraordinary work for this stage and that is awesome presentation.You will make this stage increasingly prevalent and you are dependable of making.I am extremely cheerful to see you post.Hope you have awesome time there. I am with you generally and appreciate there.Thanks for offering it to us..@stephenkendal