Another Supper Club hosted by @allasyummyfood this Sat, 4th Aug!

in london •  4 months ago

Looking forward to another evening of lovely company, interesting conversations and full bellies at @allasyummyfood's supper club!

This one is a bit special, because she will be making for us what she made for her dinner date on national TV show Dinner Dates, hers was also the winning menu!

The last few Supper Clubs I've been to of Alla's have always been buzzing, packed with amazing (looking and tasting) food, and everyone always leaves with smiles on their faces from a beautiful time and very satisfied bellies, of course :)

Here's the first ever supper club of hers that I went to, had a beautiful night meeeting some awesome Steemians:
December allasyummyfood supperclub.png

And here's the last supper club we had in June, another amazing night:
2018-06-02 18.03.49.jpg

June allasyummyfood supper club.jpg

I expect nothing less for the Supper Club this Sat, which is why I will be there again! It's not exclusive to Steemians, so it's a great opportunity for some #promo-steem, and it's always nice to mix it up! So I hope some of you awesome London Steemians, can join us too!

Here's the link to pay for your spot: Last time I checked, there are only a few spots left, so don't take too long to decide ;)

If you can't make it to the supper club, it's been a while since we had a proper London Steemit meetup, so I'll look into organizing one, unless someone else decides to! I miss the others in our London crew, who I haven't seen in ages :( Hope you're all having a great summer! Hope to see you all soon :)

Much Love from Red

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Sounds like it will be great fun again @redrica. I'm in Devon at the moment so won't be able to make it. I look forward to seeing the pictures afterwards though!

Have fun. 😍


Shame you can't make it, Gillian. But enjoy Devon, I love it there!

Anyway thanks! There will be plenty of pics to show, I'm sure ;)


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You guys are akways having so much fine. Enjoy dinner this weekend!


Hehe we can't help it! Whenever you're in town next time, hope you can join us :)

Yo I mite be in London saturday not sure. Can I join? Anything special? Fee?


Sorry just saw your comment now! Yes you need to pay for your spot here -

There's still time if you want to join us :)


looks dope but that menu is for pussies wont fill nothing

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Yup, looking forward to it. Last time it was all new to me in every sense and so a slight sense of trepidation was had. But after a few drinks a few introductions and lots of yummy food the evening was a lot better.

Looks like the weather will still be nice this weekend so here's to another great evening of fun, frolics and food.