Hello London! Time to wake up

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Hello London! It’s time to wake up. It looks like two thirds of the banks have been closed down in some areas, and it kinda looks like one day we can have another Greece and Cyprus combined in post-brexit City of London. We already had riots starting near Broad Lane twice in history, do you really think that the third one will be less violent?

I’ve been driving around London today since morning, it’s not even 2 o’clock yet, but I’ve already seen 2 mopeds passing red lights with the flashes from cameras and in both cases they were doing it purely for fun. Ok now. The statistics for moped crime in this city are astonishing, yet the police won’t chase or use force against them as it is too dangerous for public. Oh I forgot they only like to use force against the kids in school uniforms that are making fun of them. Sorry 😐

So the city have spent multi-millions on the technology that can detect gunshots. Bravo! I feel so much safer now. But why the fuck you wouldn’t spend a penny for a technology that links speed cameras to stolen moped databases and then directly to the units that are fully equipped with some gadgets that can stop a moped without any harm to environment. I don’t know like some kind of sticky foam or magnets, just be creative not useless.

Oh I also forgot how responsive are our beloved officers when normal citizens are being burgled in their own house. So the burglar was trying to brake into the flat he thought was empty. But the person inside have cough him and managed to arrest him inide his House, when he called the police they said they can send a unit tomorrow morning 😐

Oh and when someone else got life threats from some dirty motherfucking crooks, the police advice is to cooperate with the criminals and do what they want...

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