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The evening of 7th of June 2018 brought together more than twenty people in central London under the guidance of Himesh Gohil, spiritual events facilitator, energy healer and life coach, to explore the theme of mother healing.

Unlike other personal development or therapeutic work, where there is a lot of talking involved, this event focused on creating a healing space where each individual embarked on their own journey deep within, facilitated by Himesh through his exquisite mastery of the crystal bowls, immersive guided meditation and energy transmission.

I had never worked with Himesh before, so I was excited to have a first-hand experience of his modalities.

In this article, I aim to convey some of the highlights of what turned out to be a deeply healing and transformational experience impacting my relationship with my mother and, implicitly, with life.


Himesh began with a short talk on the subject of mother energy, painting a picture of how intrinsically linked our belief systems and energy patterns are with how we have been raised as children.

Who we are today is a result of the interactions that have shaped our personality.

When we begin to look at the core of who we are, we can find some of the needs that were not met by our mothers. It wasn’t their fault – they did the best they could, with the knowledge, resources and circumstances that were available to them at the time.

Following the thread of this inquiry, we shed light on how we unconsciously seek to get those needs fulfilled, leading to dysfunctional patterns in our day to day interactions – with ourselves, with others, with life.

For example, my core mother wound is based around the belief of I must be perfect to feel worthy of love.

That meant I have always struggled with feeling enough in whatever I do. This pressure I internalized from the harshness of my mother’s attitude led to the creation of a very strong inner critic, unapologetically striking when I least expect it.

The pressure also means that whenever I embark on a new project, I feel like pushing against a heavy weight, under which I end up collapsing way too early.

In a typical synchronistic fashion, this event came at the exact moment as I was going through another turn of the spiral of working on these core issues.

Without further ado, Himesh instructed us to find a comfortable laying down or seated position.

The lights were turned off and a sense of sacred stillness permeated the room. The crystal bowls began to infuse the atmosphere with healing frequencies, opening the space for the deep journey we were about to embark upon.

Himesh began guiding us to connect and call in the energies of earth and sky, expanding our sense of self as it merged with the totality of existence. From this expanded place, we began calling in various colours associated with specific energies, such as intuition, compassion, unconditional love, patience and protection.

What was basically happening was a reawakening of those energies from deep within us, and in so doing, anything that was out of alignment with those energies could begin to come to the surface to be released and healed.

As Himesh rightly pointed out, when we get closer to our mothers, we get closer to ourselves and existence.

The mother herself is the first point of contact we have with life, so when we reject her, we reject so much of what life has to give us. When we only look at what we haven’t received from our mothers, we fail to see so much of what they have given us, and so we’re left with a constant state of dissatisfaction or lack manifesting in all areas of our lives.

And that is what I realized during this guided healing meditation.


I remembered the precious gift that my mother gave to me – the most precious of them all: my life.

And it wasn’t just a mental concept. It was a deeply felt and embodied sense of gratitude for the life that I have, bringing me back my passion for simply being alive.

I strongly believe that life is not about the things or accomplishments that we have, but about feeling deeply connected with every moment of our existence, allowing in full surrender whatever experience arises.

This guided meditation reminded me of the beauty and abundance that is here and now, in every moment, if only I open my eyes and heart to fully receive it.

I cried healing tears of relief as I saw myself as a baby being held in my mother’s caring arms.

I remembered the joy and the love pouring from her bosom, from her loving eyes. In that moment, my remaining judgements about her simply washed away, in sacred remembrance of the unconditional love that has always been there, beyond the struggles that followed when our personalities clashed.

I remembered that my mother also gave me my name. Bristena is the name of a warrior girl from a legend that she read when she was young. I had never made this connection so clear in my head – my name, the bridge to my destiny, was chosen by my mother! I am indeed a warrior girl, and my mother blessed me with this name to remind me my whole life who I truly am.

How could I not respect and adore her? How could I still cling onto petty frustrations gnawing at my bones, when the immensity of what she has given me is incomparable with what she hasn’t given me?

Indeed, what a relief... I was reborn. As I shed my last tears, I also shed the remaining thoughts of not good enough and felt ready to act from a greater, more mature and empowered space.

However, as Himesh warned, that was just an open door.


That evening was just about 10% of the work that we were going to have to continue, in order to integrate the healing that occurred. He advised us to be mindful of the spaces, people and foods we were going to surround ourselves with, in order to preserve

In the aftermath of such catharctic releases, one might feel raw and sensitive, which begs the need for a heightened sense of self-care and nurturing.

The evening ended with a brief sharing, as each participant took turns to share a few words about their experience in pairs. It is important to express one’s thoughts and feelings in a safely held space, in order to anchor the insights and thus potentially build the bridge to a new way of being and relating in the world.

Thank you Himesh for creating such a powerful space for healing.

I really appreciated his genuine heart and passion for this work, which he is now evolving and aiming to share with more people. I am looking forward to experiencing more of it.

P.S. What was special about this event was that Himesh's mother herself participated! I found that very sweet and heart-warming, as well as telling of his good relationship with his mom - proof that his work has results! :)


Himesh has developed a structured and grounded spiritual practice which he has a passion to share with the community. He loves talking about how to develop powerful spiritual structures and helping others find their own unique gifts.

Himesh specialises in clearing energetic blocks, emotional trauma and mental obstacles in an all-round energetic cleansing therapy. He ís a master of energy flow and intuitively directs energy with a skill developed from a study of both Eastern and Western spiritual practices.

The mother healing event was part of a larger variety of events that Himesh is offering. The next ones coming up are Integration Healing: Shadow Work (21st June), Full Moon Sound Bath (28th June), Family Healing: Ancestral Healing (5th July) and Integration Healing: Light Work (12th July), all taking place at Columbia Hotel in Lancaster Gate, London.

If this kind of work calls you, visit his website

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