LOL HUNT; Daily Hunt for Funny YouTube clips

in #lollast year (edited)

Hello friends, I'm here with another wonderful dapp for you all to check out.

Are you having a borimg day?
Then LOL is definitely for you. LOL is a website powered by blockstack, where hunters hunt for funny YouTube clips, so viewers like you can watch and get entertained and also upvote the videos. Never experience a boring moment with LOL again.


Check out LOL website


Yeah, check it out

This looks good, but do you reference the videos gotten?

Yeah, they do

Nice, something for your leisure time

Yeah, its cool

Good one, beautiful UI too.

Looks cool to me, hope it will be worth checking out

Yes, it will, really funny videos

Steemhunt is really expanding, nice dapp

I love the project team

I love thinga that entertain me, will check this out later.

Okay, that'll be cool

Nice site

Yeah, check it out

Yeah, it is

Could you change LOL -> LOL Hunt?

Alright, its done

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