As a dev - I don't know which chain to pick...

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With the colluding exchanges potentially keeping their stakes, can we really feel safe on the new fork!?!



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What happened sir, even though yesterday I chose you as a witness, but when I saw the witness was not elected again .. But I have chosen you again as a witness ..

As far as I understand it, on Hive you can't vote for witnesses from an exchange. You will have to move it to your Hive wallet and stake it before you can vote on witnesses.

The situation with Steem you know.

Also, the community came to a stalemate with Justin Sun, even though he had the ninja stake. On Hive the ninja stake does not exist, so the community will be more than strong enough to counter bad influence I think.

So in terms of community resilience Hive should be much more powerful than Steem.

Or in other words, Steem is centralised, Hive is decentralised.

What the prices will do after the split is unclear of course. At the moment the price action is absolutely nuts.

Yes, precautions have been made (30-day period after powering up before you can participate in governance) and more to be made.

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