LOG System Approach - Part 1

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The solution(s) that will be mentioned here are for software developers. It may not be suitable for institutions' internet access or for a system other than the one described.

Ultimately, two main issues will be addressed in this solution;
How should the log system architecture be and how to use kafka, ELK Stack while doing this.

Lets start;

  • You can satisfy the request by adding a line to the text file;
  • you can satisfy the request by integrating a log product;
  • you can build a log system and satisfy the request;

The important thing is that if you are in a position to do all of these, you should pay attention to these two important parameters;

  1. Time ( About the delivery of the log solution ) !
  2. Real need.
  • If a temporary system is expected, a text file will do ( but I do not recommend it. You don't want to accumulate a lot of text files on the server (or docker container) where your code is running ).
  • If the unstable situation is valid, integrating a log product can enable you to take faster action.
  • If the first two options are not what you want or if you cannot meet your needs while using another product and it makes sense to write a Log system, you can take a look at the rest of the article.

I didn't want to choose a specific language, but I will give examples in the Javascript & Python programming language to connect the subject to the basics. You can consider the basic approaches for which language you prefer.

Stay tuned for the rest of the article!

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