How to draw Hive logo from your kitchen tiles.

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Hello steemians

Today i am going to draw HIVE logo and stay with me.

Its a beautiful day and hope everything is going fine and well. Today i have tried to draw the hive logo. You know, you have lots of hive surrounding near by you and you could easily find out this logo within your household and other stuff. Now i am just finding this hive logo at my kitchen wall and it just figure out. Have a look....


Now you can easily view the hive logo at kitchen wall tiles. Its not easy for me to draw this logo. Very uncomfortable situation that realised my childhood painting and now my kid is doing lots this type wall painting with letters and other images.

Now lets go to find out how to draw this simple hive logo. First you have to collect all this accessories and stuff together. Check out those from the below pictures.



So, you need to four watercolour signatures pen- i have used red, green, brown and purple. You can use your favourite colours to splash on hive logo. Next a scale or ruler for measuring and drawing the straight line, a cotton bud for wipe the color and number 8 for inner circles that i have used. Next you have find the right place to draw hive


So, now you are watching few square cube 3D version. And here some of the box is choosen for drawing of hive logo.

And here is the selected cube turn into hive logo.

Now the rectangle of diamond shape is out lined and continues to the next one.

And here you can find the final out line of hive logo. As it water colour based, thus easily blur with unusual touches or stroke and while wipe with cotton bud or wet wipers. Next erase the extra out line that crossed and fill with others color.

Filled with red colour around the sign of hive that indicate H. Inside of H is marked with red and next step is right side of H with fill up the colour of brown.

Though i have used brown colour but feels red as editing pictures manipulation of these colours emissions.

Final colour is given with green and now extra line and over line is just need to wipe.

May be it finished but i have different idea with my national flag. And i am working with it with the photoshop gimp and will be published in very near. Let check out the the process i have done.

I have just wipe at center of green colour and use the bigger hole of number 8 for making fine circle and let it paint with red colour again.

And finally it turn like that. Its drawing in the first morning while wake up and before my kid get awake, so there is also Hury to finish the skech. I am also working to finalise this hive logo sketch in photoshop with different tiles. When finished i will show it at here till watching this logo of hive.


Hope you will enjoying this drawing as i take part to make it done.

Next mission is draw steem logo old and new.

Have a nice day and thanks in advance.

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