What is a Logic Zombie, My Second entry for the contest.

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In my first entry I wrote about how suppressed emotions are an important factor in determining what type of logic we feel most comfortable in to present our self with it to the collective and be accepted. In my second entry I decided to elaborate on this.
If we consider the logics we believe in as elements that live in our mind, we could consider the fact that there exists many zombies in our psyche and they are all abandoned by us because no one wants a zombie lying around in their mind bothering them. They just need feeding and they stop bothering you. If we accept the fact that we are conscious of all the logics that are presented to us by the providers to be bullshit, we are faced with a dynamic between the inside world (psyche) and what we choose to show the world. It is like bipolar disorder, but it is in a collective scale. We accept what the providers presents us in order for them not to trespass our actual identities that we hide from everyone, even ourselves. So, we pretend to believe in those logics to save our actual identities.

Those emotions that are not accepted by the collective or the providers become suppressed and they turn into different types of fears. Those fears need our attention constantly. They remain hidden and far out of the sight of the collective, but they are there and ready to come out if we don't secretly pay attention to them and convince them to stay in the dark. They need us to feed them, otherwise they will jeopardize our comfortable setting in the collective. If we happen to deny their existence, they will burst out and make us face their reality. They are our dirty little secrets that we hide from everyone because if the collective knows about them, you are considered a weak spot in this chain that connects us all and you need to be removed immediately. Why? Because you are a liability to their reality, someone who has been deranged from the rhythm that all have accepted to dance to. Someone who has accepted that he is unique and capable of standing on his own feet because he has faced those fears, those logics that were turned into zombies inside his minds. Now, that he has faced them, there is no zombies around in his mind.

If all know that they need to heal their little zombies inside their minds, there would be chaos. A chaos that brings awareness with it:collective awareness and this is not good for those who are in positions of power.

Kristeva writes about a concept called abjection in her book called Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection. This concept, I believe is related to the concept of logiczombie. In her book, she explains the concept of abjection as something that “disturbs identity, system, and order”(1). Something that is abject brings a repulsive sensation in a part of us that exists separately from oneself. Those parts of ourselves that we rejected from the identity that we show to the world. Those are the abject part of personality according to Kristeva's concept of abjection. So, if we suppose that we have little Zombie characters in our head that are just rejected from our true psyche as a whole, we don’t allow their entrance to our actual personalities, the one we hide from the collective.
A zombie is a corpse that has no humanity in it. Why would we allow something like this to infest its presence in our sacred place we call our psyche? I think the fact that we can change our mind esides in this notion that we pretend to believe in something because we are afraid to face the collective and its logic. There exist no soul inside the body of a zombie, while we as human beings have souls. Thus the zombie doesn’t have the goal of expansion of consciousness, which is the goal of humanity. A Zombie is both alive and dead at the same time. It is like living in a limbo state. Can you heal someone from this state and return their soul back to their bodies? I think if they face their fears, Yes they can, because their true selfs don’t believe in that logic in anyway, they just have to find a way to connect with that higher self after becoming aware of having some zombies lying around in their mind.
No one follows an outcast. So, everyone tries not to become one by hiding their fears. Abjecting those zombie elements in the personality is what keeps us bound to this cycle of feeding from the providers. Providers take control of those undesirable parts and presents us with products to feed them.

Reference Used in this Short Article:

  1. Kristeva, "Powers of Horror", page 4, 15

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sounds like you're pretty much talking about conditioning which we all receive from nurture/nature stage (something some people think still works past the age of four or five to a big extent) , parenting (hopefully , because even though you need a license for a car , or maybe about anything in some countries) you don't even need one here in Belgium for having children.
But worst of all : schools ... the essence of a state-back school is not to learn to think but to learn behavioural patterns, and actually also thought patterns, to behave in the group as part of the group and to make sure you walk and talk in a way that's not perceived as threatening (/strange) ... so that might be all those little zombies (or artefacts?) you talk about ?

yes, what i meant is that what we pretend to believe to stay connected to our group that provide some form of support that ultimately lead to our long term survival in that group. So, we keep the zombies (ideologies pressured to exist for a benefit of a few) and they are fed and we seem to be ok with it as far as I observed.

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If all know that they need to heal their little zombies inside their minds, there would be chaos. A chaos that brings awareness with it:collective awareness and this is not good for those who are in positions of power.

Well stated.