Logic Problem : seven brothers

in logic •  2 years ago 


In a village without electricity - where children have no computers, tablets or phones - seven brothers live.

The first one reads a book, the second goes to take the cow to the field, the third plays the chess, the fourth solves a crossword from an old almanac, the fifth prepare the table, and the sixth swings a ball. What does the seventh of the brethren do?

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plays chess with 3rd one?


You beat me too it


hey maybe its not correct asnwer :D 3rd one could play alone. and 7th one could be just sitting at porch and feeling sorry about kids who stare at tablets and phones whole day lol



He's playing chess? Sorry I'm not very good at these. 😃

Seventh son of the seventh son...)



He is ploting to kill his brothers so he can have chess, cow and the old almanach he always loved :D Anyway, upvoted and followed!