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Lo-fi Friday #6! 'Trustworthy' w/ Guitar and Kaossilator

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Congrats Dear Tribedownsouth,

Your music is being freely promoted and curated by Mystic Raven Promotions, that is me ;)

Free Promotion Service for Musicians who are to my taste and only starting out, helping them get more exposure and followers.

For more information feel free to check out my page, whether you do or not, your music has been upvoted and resteemed and your channel followed, so that if you make any new releases you will see my name pop up again definitely.

Keep on making great music my friend, fill it up with the fire of your soul!

Ravenking, Founder of Mystic Raven Promotions

Ps. I also do triphop beats if you are up for a collab on something let me know, you can check out my own stuff at @ravenking13, I have a discord channel link in my intro post on mystic raven promotions blog, if you want to get in touch, or I'll send you an invite, found you on steemit local music. :)

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