🧿⚡️RAM DDR4[Mining]⚡️Start Mining LLC with LocalCoin.is-DEX P2P 🧿

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Promocode - Loan4Mining

Start earning money now!!!!!!!!

Anyone who has computer can mine LLC and make some money
No start balance required - We will loan you the start capital.
You'll need is Home computer or Dedicated Server from hosting provider:

  1. With installed Ubuntu 18.04
  2. With 16gb of RAM(not less than 2000Mhz RAM speed)
  3. Outbound internet connection (Upload speed not less that 20Mbps)
  4. Static IP address, if you don't have it ask your internet provider.

You will run a LocalCoin Full node and get paid for it.
Hurry up, only 10 nodes per one region will be permitted to participate in this promo.
Contact LocalCoin official https://t.me/LocalCoinNodes and give him a Promocode - Loan4Mining

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This is a very cool modern project! I believe that in the near future, this project may be a great success, and will bring incredible profits to, very good, has been looking forward to! Good luck to you all!



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I think LocalCoin will bring new changes to the economy. Therefore, I look forward to Airdrop of LocalCoin.

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Amazing Round 2 Airdrop!! Wow, you need 16gb ram??

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Cryptocurrency mining has never been so simple and understandable to ordinary users as it was made by LocalCoin


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Happy mining LLC, LocalCoin DEX is the future.


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Does my machine hurt?

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LocalCoin project has many benefits on it. Very promising project

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LocalCoin is Wallet with decentralized exchange

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I am using web wallet since my computer is not that fast but I am happily holding my $LLC.

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