Loan Contract: @thewritersblock 2018-07-17

in loan •  6 months ago

This blockchain contract records a loan agreement between @eturnerx (loaner) and @thewritersblock (loanee) as represented by its officers @rhondak and @gmuxx.

  1. The loaner will pay 1600 STEEM to @thewritersblock
  2. The loanee agrees to repay 1760 STEEM to @eturnerx before 1 August 2019
  3. There is no repayment schedule. No individual repayment less than 20 STEEM

The loaner pledges to use the repayments in the following manner:

(Total 100% of repayments)

All parties indicate their acceptance by signing "I agree" in a comment below.

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I agree (loaner).


I agree

i'm happy to see this occurring. grats writers block. ty eturnerx

I agree (TWB officer)

EDIT: Contract text updated to reflect agreement decided upon in private. My thanks to the loanee's officers for their good faith in agreeing to this edit. The original text is italicised below.
30% into @msp-foundation for the benefit of @thewritersblock. Should @msp-f wind up the principle is the loanee's to keep but TWB will get the income from it in the meantime.

As agreed on Discord between @eturnerx, @gmuxx and @rhondak:

The loaner has paid the 30% (528) STEEM to go to @msp-foundation in the name of @thewritersblock in advance and instead the loanees will repay that amount in STEEM at the end of the loan. The loaner also included a donation of 2 STEEM. The transaction is 528+2=530 STEEM.

So now, the entire balance of 100% loan is owed to the loaner (@eturnerx) as STEEM. Otherwise the repayment terms remain the same.

I agree

Bro, this is superb, longtime no see your face.

I agree

I agree

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I agree too! Awesome job in helping people and in this case communities @eturnerx!

The loaner has applied for the 20% (352) SBI shares in advance and instead the loanees will repay that amount in STEEM at the end of the loan.

Hi @eturnerx, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I found out that @msp-f doesn't exist on Steem. Maybe you made a typo ?

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This comment represents an extension of 4630 STEEM and 12 months to the loan between loanee (@thewritersblock) and the loaner (@eturnerx). The following terms are added / amended.
_1a. The loaner will pay an additional 4630 STEEM to @thewritersblock
_2. The loanee agrees to repay 6390 STEEM to @eturnerx before 1 August 2020.
The agreement over repayments has been superseded because the loaner has already pre-paid the SBI units and @msp-foundation allocation. Therefore the repayments are to be in STEEM to @eturnerx.
Please signal your agreement by replying to this comment with "I agree".