Hong Kong Lunar New Year Decorations 2018: Forest of Peach Blossoms and Fortune Birds by Shanti Sparrow @ wtc more | 香港新春佈置2018:百花彩蝶桃花林 @ 世貿中心

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Every year, shopping malls and public locations in Hong Kong are decorated for Lunar New Year. This series, #lnydecohk2018, collects snapshots of these Lunar New Year decorations in Hong Kong in 2018, the Year of the Dog. Follow and stay tuned!

每年農曆新年前後,香港的大小商場及公眾地方,都會推出新年佈置。2018戊戌狗年的香港新春佈置快照,均以 #lnydecohk2018 發佈,有興趣的可以留意更新啊!

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beautiful I love it so much

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