What do you think of living with your parents versus living on your own?

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I moved out of my parents house at 16 and I would never consider going back. I lived with friends at first because I was still in high school. My parents were abusive and drank too much alcohol. Then, I got an apartment with a boyfriend and then on my own when I was old enough to do so. Now, I have my own house that I bought at 23. Owning a house is quite a bit of upkeep that I wasn't prepared for. But, I hire people to take care of upkeep and repairs for me and I have learned some things thanks to Skype calls with my dad since I no longer live near home. I enjoy having my own space because its quiet and I can keep things exactly as I want them. If I want to turn the heat up, I can do that without having to ask anyone else. If I am too warm, I turn the heat down. If I want to buy something for decoration or furniture, I can do that. Downside is that I have to pay all of the bills on my own but it gives me motivation to make enough money to make sure those bills are paid.  

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You have your own house? I envy you. I'm struggling to get an apartment and move out! But that's happening this year. It is.

Yes, I have my own house. I think I may one day go back to renting though so someone else can take care of the maintenance for me. Sometimes it is easier to live with family, at least on your personal finances. I like having my own space and the relationship with my family was not a healthy one back then. I wish you luck in your journey and will say a prayer for you! Moving out on your own is a big step!

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