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The new Weekly prizes start this Sunday. If you have been entering the Sunday competition, the winner will be awarded 1 share in @steembasicincome.

As always, as the prize fund grows so to will the number of winners. This week we have one winner for the writing competition.


This weeks winner, for such a well researched and constructed post is @tygertyger. I particularly liked how @tygertyger attacked the problem from many different angles, including the often over looked contraception and reducing births as a solution.

Yes, some of the suggestions are quite hardcore, such as reducing the total ban on animal agriculture, however, this is the sort of thinking that I love and we can work with. There are already amazing people in our world researching how to make synthetic meat as a step towards this. Some people are exploring eating insects and of course there is the vegan and vegetarian movements.

Fantastic post.

We hope that you can all celebrate the new prize. Comments are as always welcome.


Congrats @tygertyger! :) Yours was a fun and thought provoking post to read. Alien invasion option and all!

Thank you :)

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Well done!!!!!! With great minds with ideas we certainly can make a difference

Thank you :D

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