The only Environmental Contest on Steemit | Pick it Up Challenge |

This weeks sustainability contest is ‘Pick it Up’. The contest is pretty simple, instead of walking past trash on the ground and in our natural environment pick it up. It is that simple. You could be on a daily walk with your dog or kids or perhaps even just on the go as part of your normal routine.


This week bring a bag or something to collect some trash in so that the wildlife can be kept free from our rubbish.

Submission of Evidence

  • Use the tag #livesustainably to submit your evidence.
  • Include photographs and text to share what you are doing.
  • Upvote @livesustainably at least 2 times during the week.


Everyone is a winner as anyone who enters will get a vote from @livesustainably. The top entry will win 1 share in @steembasicincome.

The winner will be announced next Sunday along with an announcement on the next competition.


A challenge! Fun! :)

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