Win STEEM - The only Environmental Contest On Steemit

This weeks sustainability contest is ‘Cook it Fresh’.

The contest is pretty simple, but it does require effort on your part, effort because our world will not become a better place without some behaviour changes!

This week instead of opting for delivery or for a ready meal you should try to cook it fresh from raw unprocessed ingredients. This is obviously better if you opt for a vegetarian mean and use seasonal vegetables that have low food miles. These are all the things that you can document in your contest entry.


Submission of Evidence

  • Use the tag #livesustainably to submit your evidence.
  • Put a link to your post as a comment below.
  • Include photographs and text to share what you are doing. Remember it will be judged on criteria such as food miles, seasonal vegetables, etc.
  • Upvote @livesustainably at least 2 times during the week.


Everyone is a winner as anyone who enters will get a vote from @livesustainably. The top 3 entries will also win some Steem (at least 0.25 Steem, but it could be more it we get lots of upvotes this week!)
The winners will be announced next Sunday along with an announcement on the next competition.


that's a great one! i hope a lot of people participate. we cook most every meal we eat. tonight we had deer (we hunted locally), sweet potatoes (we grew), lentils and quinoa with herbs and spices. It was delicious. I'll see if I can "cook up" something for this contest as well :)

Good luck in the contest! Your dinner meal sounds yummy 🦋

Alright, here is my entry! Thanks for the impetus to write the post and share <3

awesome - i am looking forward to making something super local this week!

All the best to the participants. I wish I could take part but weekend I'll be out with the family. :)


This is my kinda contest @livesustainably i look forward to participating 💜💚❤💛 and to following a new account! Thank-you for the resteem @karenfoster and @goldendawne

Wonderful contest @livesustainably... I a m a mother. I used to cook vegetables for my son...hope I can participate....

I have really picky eaters at home aged 7 and 4. But both are excited about the things I write here so, this might help be get them eat what I cook! I'm in!!!

Nice I like it. I'm a pro in our local vegetable soup... It's super delicious.

Great idea @livesustainably. Hope I'm in time for the cook it fresh challange. Will post my meal today!

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