A Plant Vending Machine - Is it an Oxymoron?

in #livesustainably4 years ago

Who doesn't love a vending machine? Near instant food, small queues, little distraction, 24/365 service. Great machines!

Passing through Bangkok recently I came across a plant vending machine.


The plants were rather cute in the machine but it really did get me wondering is this the best use of a machine.

It held 12 plants, compare this to hundreds of chocolate bars in a machine. Hmmm not so good. Also, do we really want the convenience of buying plants in a vending machine? Surely buying plants is an active decision not an impulse buy or a purchase that needs 24 hour convenience.

Maybe I'm wrong. But here we are, plants from vending machines!



You too can grab yours from Central Mall in Bangkok.


Everything to turn a profit!

gotta wonder will this be profitable. 12 plants that need pretty regular human maintenance.

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Environmentally it would do more harm than good- perhaps it raises awareness or creates influence

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