Livestream - Final Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

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The final Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is about to start. This one should be good, with all the mudslinging and wikileaking that has been going on this week. Both of them have even more dirty laundry to throw at each other, so grab some popcorn and prepare for the spectacle.

Lets Get It On!

Debate Drinking Game. We're all gonna need it.

Word lists and live scoreboard, so you don't miss a single reason!

Here are the top livestreams of the event:

CSPAN - HD stream without biased commentary

Fox News - a little biased toward Trump

CNN - the Clinton News Network...

The Alex Jones Channel - should be amusing

NBC - the network that held and leaked the Trump tape

Bloomberg video with a live twitter stream.
Hashtags: debate, debatenight, debate2016

Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton

I will add new ones as they appear.
If you find any good hashtags, instagrams, periscopes, or livestreams share them!

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That would be useful.

It's starting, and twitter just kicked into high gear.

Final score...

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