7 YouTube Alternatives You Should Try

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Everyone is a content creator. And every day, we deliver powerful communication media to our audience on social media platforms like YouTube. But big companies are losing our trust.

Let’s be honest, would you rather use a platform that owns your private data and censors your content or the one puts you and your privacy first and also gives actual incentives? Have you ever been bothered by social media bans and or got kicked out of a group without any wrongdoing but simply because you hold a different point of view?

You deserve to own your privacy and data more than anything else.

So, here are 7 alternative platforms to YouTube and they respect your privacy.

@threespeak: The home of free speech on the internet

3Speak helps to liberal your thoughts. The Steem-based platform officially launched over the summer. It provides a censor-free environment for content creators who have been deplatformed or demonetized for their political views, or because the content they create is not appreciated by those big tech giants.

The platform is open to all verified content creators with a small fee of $3.5 per month, which is less than $0.25 per day and you can easily earn it back by posting videos. Once you’re in, you will be able to upload videos or live streaming. The more content you share, the more rewarded SPEAK (SPK) token you will earn.

It’s free to view platform, so you just need to log in with your Steem account or use third-party social media accounts — it’s super easy for “non-crypto” people to get on the platform without going through the “pain” of “what the heck is private key”. 3Speak rewards registered users who interact with the content (comment or upvote) with SPK token.

Livepeer: A decentralized live streaming protocol

Built on top of Ethereum, Livepeer is a video infrastructure platform that allows you to build video into your own video project, live broadcasting, or website in a decentralized way. Livepeer replaces the media service with a decentralized network that shares resources and drives the cost down. As a broadcaster, all you need to do is send your video to the Livepeer network and the network will encode and distribute your content for you, and no censorship.

Users who run the Livepeer software can earn money. They contribute their computer’s processing power and bandwidth in service of the Livepeer network, and they get compensated for doing so. You can run the Livepeer software and participate.

Unlike YouTube, Livepeer is an open network, so anyone will be able to contribute and build whatever they want on top of Livepeer.
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LBRY: A community-run platform for content creators

LBRY is a platform that allows you to publish and share your content for free on an open and community-run marketplace. It’s ads-free and censorship-free. For the content creator, you can download LBRY app and publish your content just in a few clicks. You will get tips from audiences who like your content. Also, you can price your content for $10 and more and sell it with a 100% listed price and the platform doesn’t take any fees.

LBRY helps you to create a unique name (like the domain name) for the content you want to share. If you’re a YouTuber, you can just sync content to LBRY very easily and get varieties of lump sums of LBC token. The more subscribers you have on YouTube, the more LBC token you will get.

@DTube: Replacing YouTube with a truely decentralized channel

Built on top of the Steem blockchain and the IPFS P2P network, D.Tube is a platform where you can post, explore, upvote, and comment on videos in a censorship-free environment. By posting and voting on content, you can earn STEEM as well as D.Tube coins (DTC).

If you get to use to surf videos and stuff on YouTube, you will enjoy the experience on D.Tube too — it has playlists like “watch later” that you can curate it by yourself, and you can see the trending videos on the homepage. Also, D.Tube will NOT "recommend" any videos for you, the community gets to decide it. If people like and vote for your video, it will gain traction and rank among the trending videos.

Hear what Dapp.com community says about D.Tube:

"I'm a big fan of dtube, especially with all the adverts and censorship on youtube. This is becoming increasingly important to have decentralized media." - Dee Ragon

"This dapp is taking vlogging and visual creation to the next level. Dtube provides a censorship-free platform to voice your opinion and bring your thoughts to life." - blind-spot

D.Tube takes 10% beneficiary rewards on all videos uploaded. These rewards are used for gathering funds prior to the existence of their future token.

DLive: A streaming platform that benefits content creator and viewer

DLive is a blockchain-based live streaming platform. The UI of DLive looks similar to Twitch and it seems like most of the content is gaming related. It has a relatively huge community among all the decentralized video content sharing sites because of PewDieDie and other celebrity streamers have joined.

LINO points are the platform currency and 1 LINO point worths $0.012. For the content creator, it’s very easy to set up your account and go live. You will earn 90.1% of your subscription fees (people need to pay a little LINO to subscribe to your channel and the remaining 9.9% will be deposited into a pool of “Locked LINO" for the future rewards) and donations from others. For the viewer, you will get rewards for watching, chatting, gifting and sharing content directly every day. DLive doesn’t take any cuts from your earnings.

Viewly: A social video platform with tokenized incentives

Viewly is an Ethererum-based video platform that helps content creators to tokenize their videos. If you produce high-quality content and get lots of votes, you will be rewarded with VIEW tokens daily. And if you're only interested in watching the videos, you'll feel happy because Viewly has NO ads whatsoever.

The platform has a cool concept with potential, but it seems still in beta. We'd like to know more about product development!

SatsHi: Earn bitcoin every time you go live

Leveraging Blockstack storage and Bitcoin Lightning Network, StatsHi is a platform that lets you earn bitcoin when you live stream, so you will get the tips in Bitcoin every time you go live.

Going live is easy with a few clicks. All you need to do is sign in with your Blockstack ID, add a short description of your content, and start broadcasting. The platform doesn't take any fees from the transactions between you and supporters.

If you’re interested in exploring the potential of blockchain and decentralized technology, Dapp.com is a source of data insights, inspiration, tools, and information you can trust.

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I'm happy to see Blockstack was included in this list. What about the Tron network? Are there chains you missed? Great article either way. A great start for those wanting to learn blockchain.

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