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Hello everyone, my dear subscribers! I am sure that since you follow my blog, then surely you are actively using various crypto currencies and tokens. But how often do you pay them in the usual everyday places, such as shops, cafes, cinemas and so on? I think not, because despite the fact that the history of digital currencies has more than 10 years, their functionality is still limited. In crypto currency it is convenient to transfer some smaller amounts, starting for example from 1000 rubles, because if you pay the same bitcoin purchase in 100-200 rubles, the Commission depending on the network load at the time of payment will be several rubles. While payment in cash is generally not subject to fees, debit and credit cards can take a maximum of a couple of percent, and even then, if you make a payment not in your region or in your native currency.

Therefore, most people who use crypto currencies today use them more for earning, for example, trading, mining, maintaining masternodes or participating in bounty and ICO, and do not pay them in conventional or online stores.

It is this problem and intends to solve the project, which will be discussed in my review. Startup Liven Pay has launched its own payment network built on blockchain. Liven Pay uses their own crypto currency token LVN, built on the ERC 20 standard and served by the Ethereum network to pay. Pay in these tokens can be both online in online stores and offline using a mobile application. Convenient and intuitive application Liven Pay allows you to instantly exchange the LVN token for Fiat and back at the current world rate.

In addition to simple payment Liven Pay has its own loyalty program. It allows you to benefit both sellers and buyers who use LVN. This is how it works – any Liven Pay user receives a cashback for any purchase paid for with LVN tokens in any store that accepts them. In turn, various outlets, whether cafes, shops, supermarkets, gyms or cinemas, it is advantageous to add the ability to pay in LVN, because then, all users of Liven Pay will go to them, in order to get cashback for the most common purchase. Thus, the benefits for both sides of the trading process are achieved.

Despite the fact that the project Liven Pay is still running in test mode, more than 400,000 people around the world are using the beta version of their mobile application to make offline purchases and payments on the Internet. Seeing these figures, it becomes clear that in the future the project is doomed to great financial success, if it has already become so popular even before the full release.

In the process of development, which is now in active progress, will be added a few more interesting and useful features that will make the use of Liven Pay even more convenient and profitable for both owners of retail outlets and ordinary buyers. By the way, now the project Liven Pay still continues ICO, during which you can buy their token LVN at a discount at a bargain price. After all, surely in the future, with the growing popularity of this service, the price of its token will steadily grow, which makes it a good investment tool for the long term. However, before making a decision, carefully review the information provided on the website and in the white paper of the project.

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