The Temptations - My Girl | Performed by Chico's Vibe | Guest Appearance by Carmen Carangi

in livemusic •  2 months ago

This one's for you Mom!

About two weeks ago I took my mother on vactation to Wildwood, New Jersey for some seaside fun! Alot of our childhood memories were made in WIldwood, going all the way back to my toddler years!

Now that we're in a different time and I'm all grown up now, I know my mom is the type of person who really appreciates a walk down memory lane and a revisitation of the memories that we hold dear.

I figured I'd go old school for her to keep in line with the theme, and thanks to my cousin Goodgy (Real name: Ed Mount, also my mother's nephew ) I planned to hop on the drums and give her a family performance of the Temptations Classic: "My Girl"

This video was almost the performance that never was, Mom & I had to drive to the Jersey Coast all the way from Philadelphia and we were sincerely running behind!

I had to hijack the original plan of letting her drive and instead kidnap her Grand Theft Auto Style and drive like a manaic to get there in time!!!

We arrived at the bar THE SONG BEFORE I was set to go on!!!

Close one LOL!

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Yes! So good. Nothing like a mother's love.
GTA to Jersey Shore for my girl!

"I don't know" -mom