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Hello as per my experience i would like to advise people here to not deposit their POLYBIUS COIN (PLBT) to LIVECOIN.NET as it has been 200 confirmations+ and they have not even showed my balance in pending yet its been 2 hours i am waiting for them to do it they have transferred my tokens from my deposit address on livecoin to their original wallet where they keep all of it u guys can see it on etherscan i will leave the link here, please do not fall for the arbitrage on as they can pretty much manipulate u to deposit your coins to sell there but the deposit will take forever and u guys know how volatile the market is, its one thing if it was stuck in blockchain but its cleared from there and there is nothing left for them to do except just credit my account witht he balance. meanwhile they keep getting more deposits and they keep transferring it to their original wallet means their system is working just fine and so is blockchain but they wanna hold on to our coins for some reason.

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