What a day

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Today has been a long and tiring day. Most  of the day I was running around firm shop to shop Tring to fix the problems we were having with the computers.  Being no IT guy it was difficult .The problem we were facing was the internal transfers from one store to the other was not going through .More over the transfers form the warehouse, where I work , was not getting transferred . All products  sold at the stores are first processed at the warehouse and then transfer to  the stores. So if the transfers can’t go , non of the products would be able to be sold. Form my department this is code red, as you might have picked up. 

So for almost the entire day I have been running form pillar to post.           

So when I  came home I was extremely tired.  As normal I would give my family some of my time .Have the wonderful supper my wife Prepared. I then look at my emails , look around at steemit posts .

Today it seems like 2 steemit-mate had a good idea of what day I was having .After reading their posts  I was cheered up. 

here is the link for those two posts


What a wonderful way the first post that showed how a wildebeest toiled around looking for water and before the end of the day he find a small amount of water. Looking back at my day and comparing it with the wildebeest I should give thanks . I was completing tasks ,where as the wildebeest was looking for a livelihood. 


This second post was about a young little kid that painted some artwork over his body.I was instantly reminded of my childhood. This really cheered me up.

Thanks to steemit and the wonderful world of reading that in minutes turned me into a happy person

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